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Sciatic Nerve/Back Pain

  • Is anyone else dealing with intense sciatic nerve pain? I talked my doctor into sending me to physical therapy and will start on Thursday. I can't wait, as I'm to the point that I can barely walk; and I'm only six months pregnant!

    In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for things that have helped them find relief from this?
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  • I did when I was pregnant. I went to one physical therapy session where they gave me a handout with stretches and exercises I could do to help. What helped the most was the "cat/cow" yoga pose (where you get on your hands and knees and slowly arch your back up and then down).

    Looking back with what I know now, I wish I had gone to a massage therapist/chiropractor with pre-natal experience.
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  • I'm definitely considering a chiropractor if the PT doesn't get the results we need. I've done one massage so far, and it unfortunately didn't do anything. Maybe in conjunction with the PT . . . I'm just really hoping for good results on Thursday!
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  • I had sciatic nerve pain a few months back. I'm 8 months pregnant now. Try laying in different positions. Stretching is great. I did yoga - that helped a lot. Try to find prenatal yoga nearby and go a few times - it should really help - it worked for me!
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  • i got really bad sciatic pain...hurt like, it means your bones are moving and opening you up for the baby to move in...prenatal yoga had some really good stretches..swimming also helped a lot...or water excersize...
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  • oh yes, I did a lot of swimming - thanks for reminding me Jen! That really did help!
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  • I met with a physical therapist this week, and she's determined that a lot of my problem is because of a previous car accident that I was in several years ago. That means that the back pain I'm experiencing will probably continue to get worse until the baby comes. Bummer.

    On the other hand, about three months after she's born, I can start PT to rehab from the old injury. That means I shouldn't go through this for subsequent pregnancies.

    Sort of a good news/bad news thing, I guess. Still, I'm trying to stay positive about it. My mobility is fairly impaired already, but circumstances just happened to work out that my mom moved in with us until after the baby is born. Sometimes things just happen they way they should!
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  • what about swimming and other non impact movements? perhaps finding a gentle chiropractor could help.
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  • Both the doc and the phycial therapist have recommended swimming, and I'm going to try and get started this week. I'm thinking of trying a chiropractor but haven't decided for sure, as I don't want to end up accidentally aggravating something and making it worse. I'm still giving it thought.
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