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Baby Nurse?

  • Is anybody getting a baby nurse? I've heard great things about them from many friends! If you are getting one - why and for how long! Would love to hear your thoughts!
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  • i didnt have a baby nurse/post partum doula but i have a lot of family/friends around for the first couple of weeks after baby...really you want someone who can cook and clean so that you can spend your time with baby and rest/recover from birth.
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  • I would have loved some help with the baby! My mom stayed with me for a week, but hurt her back, so she couldn't do much to help. It was nice having someone to talk to, though, and she did make bottles or hold the baby so I could do things. We don't have any family who live nearby, but my co-workers brought food and came to visit.

    Last Wednesday was my first day alone with the baby, and we are managing pretty well. My goal is to take a shower and get dressed before my son gets off the school bus at 3:45 each day, and once my husband gets home in the evening, I use the time to clean up around the house.
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  • I had my mother for 3 weeks and I'm not sure my marriage would have survived without her!! Seriously though- it was wonderful and I've never appreciated anyone's help more. I was virtually crippled and told to not use stairs (we had a two-story house with bedrooms on the top and kitchen on the bottom) from the delivery and my husband couldn't stay at home because of work and school. I needed someone.
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