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I am curious to learn about what everyone in this group does, in terms of work - so please share!

  • I think so many working moms are looking for ideas of jobs that they can do from home - please share what you do!
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  • When I'm working form home I'm Trying to be a freelance writer. I say trying, because I'm just getting starting and feel kinda like a dilletante about it. I have the iVillage gig--until December, and then I'm FREE! Just started my personal blog--in direct response to the changes at the iVillage gig, which then lead to the loss of the iVillage gig. And, as my response to the loss of the iVillage gig, I'm starting to venture out into the big wide world and sell my writing (mostly here so far, which pleases me, but I somehow think that I should have more to put on the resume before I can say I'm really freelancing.)

    In my outside of home life, I'm a substitute teacher--a flexible gig that makes my work at home life possible.
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  • In my main business (Life By Design) I am a self-esteem coach, I coach, write, speak, and educated on the importance of a healthy sense of self and how to get use a healthy self-esteem as a foundation to build success on.

    I founded Mom's Coffee Break which is a twice a month chat with weekly prize give-a-ways that not only offers support to working moms, but also allows for weekly women in business sponsors to highlight their businesses.

    I do a weekly radio show called Journey to Self, which offers self help advice, tips, and resources.

    I am also a team leader for Digital Moms which is a great opportunities for women and moms to work together to make money from home (Digital Moms sell e-books with reseller rights, offering multiple ways for women to make money from home)

    I joined Tupperware this year as a consultant, which I turned into a joint project called Back to the Table with a wonderful lady name Betty Lynch, who is a cookbook author. We team up and present monthly themed chats, combining great recipes, tips and Tupperware products, aimed at helping put the pieces together for a more enjoyable, hassle-free family meal time.

    Ok...I think that is everything LOL
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  • I just joined today. My main business is Cherish Collages. I design custom photo collages and soon will be adding custom photo book design as well .

    I have two blogs, a mom blog/online magazine for moms as well Mom2Mom Lounge.

    and my Mom's Gone Digital blog that goes along wiht my business.

    I am venturing into affliate marketing now as well to create more passive income streams.
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  • I operate The Mommy Insider and Parenting Universe from home.

    The Mommy Insider is a product review blog where I feature a new product review almost every day. I have been lucky enough to receive praise from Disney, Apple and more large companies so that has helped a lot.

    Parenting Universe is a parenting article website. I don't have to do much maintenance on this site as it pretty much runs itself these days.

    The Mommy Insider takes up most of my time.
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  • I'm a Virtual Assistant!

    I provide general administrative, Web site design and technical support to home-based businesses.

    I would love to get into podcasting editing and more of the techy stuff!
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  • I just joined Work It, Mom! And am looking for a group just like this. I am a Senior Account Manager for an Integrated Marketing firm. I work 20-25 hours a week from a virtual office. I work on both local and national accounts. I have three kids and try my best to work while they are in school. However, that does not always happen so I struggle with the work/kid balance daily. It is especially hard when I am up against a deadline and the kids come home.....anyway. Hoping to find some kindred souls here.
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  • I'm a little bit of a lot of different things.

    I have an strategic Internet consulting biz -

    I write for national magazines like Entrepreneur and for web sites like WorkItMom and

    I write books. My latest is out now: "Streetwise eCommerce" and my previous book was "The Everything Blogging Book."

    I'm a crazy blogger. My main personal mommy blog is

    I'm going to start podcasting for Quick and Dirty Tips soon - entrepreneurial issues.

    And I'm a Second Life consultant and virtual world entrepreneur! Yeah, pretty crazy, but starting to make some real money - on the consulting side that is. I'm actually looking for a virtual assistant IN Second Life. What could be crazier than that?!

    I know there is more but I'm currently drawing a blank. And I have to do all of the above in the 4 hours per day allotted to my business-time when I have a babysitter at the house.


    Check out the Entrepreneur Mom blog!
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  • I and a group of other moms (not all local) work with a wellness company that helps create a safer environment for our families and we are all making significant money doing it. I certainly can share with you what its all about. We'd love to get more moms to join! Miriam
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  • A new mommy and new entrepreneur, I recently launched kitestring Creative Marketing & Communications (

    It was very quickly after starting mat leave that I realized that I actually really missed working! I missed the interaction and the satisfaction of doing something I was good at!

    I finally decided that I had had enough of working my tail off - for someone else's benefit. The idea of having a more flexible work schedule is also really appealing to me as I really want to be there for the 'normal' day-to-day moments with Jack as well as the special ones.
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