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Woking out several short times a day?

  • I was watching fit tv the other day and someone recommended working out for three ten minute periods a day. I think this could work for me...since a half hour chunk isn't too realistic because my time away from babyjama is already scheduled out...Do any of you ladies do this?
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  • I did this for a while last year when it was conducive in my schedule. I would get up a little earlier, do 10 minutes of Yoga. Then, I would take a walk at lunch (which actually ended up being about 20 minutes...), and then, when my daughter came home from pre-school we would do something active - like play hop-scotch, or ball, or soccer. We would play those games for about 15 minutes or so - until her attention wore off of it LOL!

    It actually worked pretty well to keep me in shape. I was a little worried at first because I'm used to working out vigorously for longer periods of time. Now, I'm back to teaching dance three times a week, so that's my workout... that and hiking on the weekends.
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  • I've heard the same recently mamajama.

    I'm slowly working myself into a routine of working out and I've just started doing some Tae Bo 13 minutes at a time using the free videos on my cable company's on demand area.

    I could never last through a whole workout LOL!
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  • It is the perfect solution for a hectic schedule. I get up before anyone one in the house and do a 15 minute cardio workout. When both kids are home from the sitter and school we turn on the music and dance around. (usually for 15-20 minutes) It sounds silly but it is terrific stress relief from a crazy day at work especially if you add singing! LOL
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