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To circumcise or not to circumcise

  • Ignoring any religious reasons
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  • DH and I were just having this conversation last night. I'd love to hear everyone else's comments as well. We don't know if we're even having a boy, but figure we should try to make a decision just in case.

    If we have a boy, I don't want him circumsised. Because we don't have any religious reasons, I think it's an unnecessary surgical procedure. DH wants it done so that they would look the same. I think it's easy enough to explain why they look different when the kid is old enough to wonder. DH isn't concerned about cleanliness or increased risk of STDs. We figure we can teach hygiene and safe sex.

    Neither of us is overwhelmingly adament, but there's no in between here so it's hard to compromise on a choice.
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  • When we found out we were having a boy, my husband and I had this very discussion. My husband and his brother were not circumcised at birth but at age 7 for whatever reason they decided to circumcise my husband while he was in the hospital getting his tonsils removed. His brother is still "au naturel" and I think he is extremely shy around women because of it. We decided to have our son circumcised in the hospital, the day after he was born for 2 reasons: 1) so he would look like daddy and 2) so it wouldn't have to be done later for whatever reason (I still need to ask my in-laws why they had it done at age 7...not appropriate dinner conversation though!)

    It's a personal decision that unfortunately is left to the parents to decide for the child. I know of a few men who aren't and wished they were (at a younger age) but I don't know of any that are and wish they weren't...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa on 23rd October 2007
  • i AGONIZED about this. that's kind of how i knew that i was having a boy, because i was obsessed with this decision. my husband was ok with it either way (he is circumcised) and let me make the decision. My dad is pretty religious jew and i wanted to honor him and history. but i wanted to do what was best for the baby and thinking about causing him pain was horrible to think about. i spoke to our naturopath and he said that either way it was ok-the baby would be fine. i decided to go ahead and do it. i too have heard stories of guys wanting or needing to get it done when they are older and it is a horrendous experience, so they say...
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  • I have two boys and to be honest, since there were no religious reasons for us to circumcise I left the decision up to my husband. I figure since it has been done for thousands of years and those men have all turned out ok, that it was a personal decision, and not having one myself, my husband would be better qualified to make the decision. He opted to circumcise since he is and wanted the boys to look like him. At 6 and 4 we have had no issues with our decision. (of course in ten years they'll be mortified that I posted this).
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Chris Sheridan on 23rd October 2007
  • I have one little boy and my husband and I decided to do it right after he was born. There were no religious aspects of it but my younger sister has a little boy, he is 4, and he is not circumsized and she has had quite a few problems with him. There have been times she has had to take him to the doctor for things due to him not being. This made our decision for us.
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