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National Work & Family Month

  • In 2003, Fortune Magazine predicted that work-life effectiveness was

    going to be one of the most important business growth trends of the

    decade. In collaboration with the Alliance for Work-Life Progress,

    the National Work-Life Initiative (NWLI) was formed. In addition to

    publishing an annual work-life special section in Fortune Magazine,

    the goal of the NWLI was to pass a Congressional resolution instating

    an official work-life month.

    On Sept. 5, 2003 the U.S. Senate unanimously passed Resolution 210,

    designating October as National Work and Family Month. This was a

    great step toward raising awareness about the importance of

    maintaining work-life balance. The resolution states that the ability

    to successfully manage work, family, and personal responsibilities

    affects the well-being and productivity workers and their workplace.

    At Needlestack Jobs, we are celebrating National Work and Family

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    National Work and Family Month is a great chance to help connect

    flextime professionals and employers. Flexible work schedules help

    working parents manage work-life balance by giving them time to

    fulfill their family and personal needs while still maintaining work


    The Work and Family Connection has a list of ways employers can

    celebrate National Work and Family Month:

    - Launch a work-life survey to solicit employee opinion on programs/

    offerings that your company should expand upon, add or discontinue.

    - Solicit real-life stories from employees on how they successfully

    manage work and family challenges for inclusion into an article to be

    posted on the corporate Web site.

    - Have a guest speaker on work and family at the next all staff meeting.

    - Hold an art contest for the children of employees to participate in

    depicting work and family together. The art can be displayed on the

    meeting room walls at an all staff meeting and the top three winners

    (or their parents) can be presented with a prize.

    Kathleen Wiant

    Vice President, Business Development

    needlestack jobs

    We've searched the haystack for you.

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  • This is great to know about, Kathleen. Thanks for posting!
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