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Pregnancy Surprises

  • Hi, Ladies. I've been discovering a lot about pregnancy for which I was never prepared. No one had warned me about certain things, it seems! I've mentioned here that I've been having trouble with my back and sciatic nerve, for example.

    Well, rather than let it keep getting me down, I decided to try and look at the humor of the situation; and as a result, I wrote an article for Work It, Mom! called "The Plus Sign Is Just the First Surprise." Feel free to check it out. Hopefully it will make you chuckle a little bit.

    So, what were some of the big surprises you all came across? Were there things you wish you had been warned about, or are you glad not to have known in advance?

    I think my most unexpected thing so far was developing an ovarian cyst at the beginning of the pregnancy as the ovary struggled to support the baby before the placenta had developed. I'd never heard of such a thing! I also didn't realize that the baby could poke me in very sensitive places from the inside. I always just thought about the baby kicking the front. It never occurred to me that she could kick/punch/poke down!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorna Doone Brewer on 24th October 2007
  • Thanks Lorna for starting this discussion! I think for me the most surprising thing was the tremendous pelvic pressure - i find it very uncomfortable and didn't realize I would feel that! Sciatic was also a surprise, but luckily it went away relatively quickly in my case. Also, lack of any desire for all foods was a surprise. During my first trimester I just forced myself to eat!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 25th October 2007
  • Victoria,

    I swear, my little one seems to scoot her entire self down into my pelvis from time to time! It is very uncomfortable, and I find myself in restaurants or on the street corner "scooping" her up and out of there while gently chiding, "No, no. Mommy doesn't like that." It cracks me up how when she does it, all of a sudden my pelvic area is rock hard with all of that baby just stuffed in there!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorna Doone Brewer on 25th October 2007
  • I think even more surprising is all the stuff that happens to your body AFTER pregnancy. My feet and ankles swelled a lot towards the end. I swear it all came out in nights sweats the two nights after my son was born. Some people who didn't swell during pregnancy swelled up after delivery, especially if they had an epidural.

    My breasts became rock hard and engorged the day I got home from the hospital. The only thing that helped was warm showers with the manual breast pump.

    I was also surprised to wake up with soaking wet sheets after my son started sleeping through the night (5-6 hours). My breasts weren't used to that!

    My hair fell out in hand fulls in the shower for about a year after I had my son. Hormones from breastfeeding perhaps?

    Ah, yes, there are many surprising things that happen to you and your body during pregnancy...but they are all great in their own special, "this may never happen to me again" way...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa on 26th October 2007
  • Oh my gosh, Melissa. Maybe it is better to be kept in the dark about these things.
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  • I'm with Lorna on this one - I don't think I want to know anymore!!!

    Just recently i developed a rash on my hands .... but that doesn't compare to Melissa's post!!!
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