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Need marketing advice from you guys

  • Hey ladies,

    First let me say that I am new to "WorkitMom" and I think this site is wonderful! I am so happy I found you all. Anyway, I need some advice regarding a product that I created. They are a set of interactive journals especially designed for working moms and their kids. I was inspired three years ago when I made the decision to go back to school. During that time, I was working full-time; we were in a new state; my husband was in school full time and working as well and I literally would cry myself to sleep because of the pressure. I was not able to spend much time with my kids who were 10 and 6 at the time and it was heart wrenching. I was missing out on activites, school plays, sporting events-It was just awful. I created the books as a tool to help me bond with my children. And guess what... they worked! And even though my schedule isn't as grueling as it was, we still use the books today. I received a little attention on a local level and my co-workers purchased a few, and a couple of others as well but I am still trying to find a way to make them "POP". I know in my heart that these books would be a great item in a HALLMARK store or some place similiar, but I can't get the time of day from companies like that. Kate, another member on this site, suggested that I target the small boutique stores. I will but I was wondering if any of you had any other suggestions. Please visit t my site and let me know what you think about the idea and how I could get these books out to the public. www.LAMBERTANGEL.COM

    Thanks ladies!

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  • Thiema, I think these are fantastic. My babes are under 3 but I love writing a bit as often as possible in a notebook for them so some day they can look back and know what we were up to. I have no marketing experience to I've no advice but, as usual, I agree with Kate. There are so many small baby boutiques and children's boutiques...I bet they'd love it though it will take some time for you to get it all together. Flyers and mailings I think then they can check out your website. More time and money invested but that's the only way...GOOD LUCK!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 29th October 2007
  • ha! Mandy you are so funny!

    so i thought of something else while reading this - you live in FL now right? lots of grandmothers? maybe you could market these as gifts for grandparents to give to their grandchildren? or even for teenagers to give/share with their parents? I bet you could talk to some of the national organizatins that help kids and parents learn how to better communicate and they might be interested. of course, you could always try to sneak one to Oprah somehow! ha! ok sorry, that's gotta be more difficult than Hallmark! you never know though! try!

    oh! on your site - you should also link to/talk about the local press you received. do you have a marketing plan? a press kit you can send out? this site has some good info on the basics: ons-press-kit/445-1.html

    if you have any friends that might be into photography - you could get some heart tugging shots of like a kid and parent looking at it together and smiling and even some 'success stories' on your website.

    ok i think that's all i have at the moment - if i get another brain storm i will write!

    I am working on a marketing plan for a friend of mine (totally different market) but this is helping me get those ideas flowing - thank you!
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  • Target e-stores. They're often times more willing to take on a cool new product, I think.

    e moms at home. Mighty goods. even start an etsy store to get some notice and make some sales.

    They do look cool. I'm actually now thinking about one for Diva Girl.

    Which reminds me....get some mommy bloggers to pimp them. Not pay for post or anything. But if you can capture the notice of a few mommy bloggers who like your product and choose to feature it on their site, it will get you recognition, traffic, and sales. Trust me. When I featured my friend's dolly diaper bags, her numbers took off.

    Which also reminds me...Got a toddler or preschool daughter and looking for a cool, unique Christmas gift? Go tell Amber at that you want one of her super cool, ultra stylish dolly diaper bags. And tell her I sent you, too.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimberly on 29th October 2007
  • These are so cool! I'll promote them!!

    Here are a couple of quick thoughts...

    - consider creating an online or electronic version... or an ebook that can be downloaded and printed?? Once these are created, you could automate the entire purchase and download process and you won't have to do any shipping... you lower your overhead significantly which means a higher profit margin

    - Create some sort of 'newsletter' that visitors to your website can sign up for... maybe it is weekly tips for bonding with your kids, cool things to do with your little ones, etc... make it a free online newsletter and have the weekly emails distributed through an autoresponder like aweber. Use each newsletter to bring your visitors one step closer to becoming a customer

    - Create a follow-up plan with your customers... this is a consumable product - figure out how long it takes for it to be filled up and then follow up with them so they get their new journal as the old one is filled. Selling to current customers is a whole lot easier than trying to find new customers.

    - NETWORK! This is a great place -- start building JV relationships with other moms who blog or have a subscriber base that might be interested in your product. If you create an electronic version (downloadable pdf's) - you can easily create an affiliate program and give those that promote your product(s) a nice commission for their efforts.

    The more I think about what you have here - the more I can see HUGE potential... and you don't need Hallmark! Another great resource for learning how to market stuff like this - as well as a great networking site for developing JV relationships is Mom Masterminds. - I'm a member there and have an affiliate link if you want (is that allowed here??) -

    Good luck to you!!

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  • Jenni has a TON of great points. I think the Ebook idea is PERFECT. These are for busy moms, so they automatic delivery and print at their own leisure points will be HUGE pluses for selling. Good luck!
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