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Baby Movements...what part is it?

  • Just curious...the baby has been moving alot, including the pushes. I'm always wondering what part of the baby is pushing? It is always hump-like or bulge-like when the baby pushes. Is that the back of the baby, or the feet? What about the little waves and pokes? Is that the arms or legs or hands? Just curious...
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  • I think it's really hard to say... my dr said that they usually poke with their legs if it's up high (right under your chest).... bugle like hump is most likely their butt
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  • How far along are you? I remember as I got further along I could tell the body parts. I saw foot prints, hand prints and could actually tell when my son had his feet in my ribs. But everyone's different. I think if you can't tell now you should soon. It is really neat to experience!
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  • It´s a bit of a guessing game, but next time you have an ultrasound, note where your baby´s different parts are and you´ll have a better idea. Sharp pokey bits are usually elbows and knees, the bulge push is often a butt. Fun guessing isn´t it?
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  • That is one of the best parts of being pregnant, guess the body part! I loved sitting or lying down and watching my belly move and the waves the baby would make, and just picture the baby in there flipping and twisting along. Congratulations, have fun playing guess that part!
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  • I miss those days. Enjoy all the pokes. It is such a beautiful time.
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