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This is ridiculous

  • This is along the lines of the "I want a cubicle" discussion from a couple weeks ago:

    So, I'm sitting on the couch working on my laptop. Baby is napping (yay!) in her room. Then it occurs to me: I'm SO uncomfortable. I'm hunched up, sitting sideways, with the coffee table pulled up close (and babyproofed most elegantly with an old blue comforter). I am so used to trying to work and fend off a toddler who is trying to pound on my keyboard that I have begun taking up this posture all the time, even when she's not here! Sad or what?!

    Nataly began a discussion yesterday on why women do not negotiate more aggressively for themselves in the workplace. I add this: is this attitude spilling over into the work lives of work-from-home moms? My husband works from home a lot, yet he has an office. So why am I stuck here on the couch most of the time. Yes, I have a desk, but I sit in the living room so I can do baby-care-duty at the same time. Why do working women so frequently come in second?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th November 2007
  • Ha! Diane, I was reading your post, and noticed that I was sitting in that exact position (though at our desk).

    I know for me, work from home is supposed to be scheduled around the family schedule...that's the way I like it, but man it would be nice to not be interrupted so much ~
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 7th November 2007
  • i am in awe of that you two do this every day! i will no longer take my cubie for granted! LOL! when i am at home my son LOVES the laptop and wants to bang on it if it is open. NOTHING ELSE will distract him. i dont think i could work with him around if i wanted to! needless to say, the only time i get work done at home is if he is at daycare or asleep for the night! LOL
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 7th November 2007
  • When my 3-year-old was even tinier than she is now, she used to reach for the computer if we so much as glanced at it, let alone tried to work on it. We kept an old spare keyboard handy... put the child on my lap, place the old (and not connected) keyboard at her fingertips, put the "real" keybord father in on the desk, and voila, we were both "working"...

    I can't work on the couch -- if I hunch over for a long while, I will never unhunch, and people will start calling me Quasimodo...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 7th November 2007
  • Ha, I'm reading this while perched on the dog bed, of all places! We use the keyboard technique, too, but my girls almost never try to touch the computer. I don't know why, maybe it's because my look burns holes in their heads and my angry voice makes their ears shrivel. Sadly I have an office but it's not a place for the girls to play and even if I'm in there and letting them run around on the same floor (upstairs) they always come in and mess around in the office. So I settle for roaming the house with the laptop.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 8th November 2007
  • We have a spare bedroom that's supposed to be my office. Unfortunately, the wireless internet doesn't have a signal in that room, so I can't work in there! I have to move the cable modem, but my to-do list is so long I don't know when I'm going to get to it. At this point, I'm wondering if it's even worth it. My toddler son is so strongly bonded to me that he has an absolute nuclear meltdown if he can't see me and knows I'm in the house. So I've essentially given up trying to get the "concentration work" done during the day, and I schedule my "concentration work" and conference calls around his naptime and my daughter's naptime, so daddy can take my son out somewhere and I can get some work done. I usually just work at the dining room table, or just walk around with my laptop in my hands. It's extremely difficult to work from home with 2 small children. I miss having an office many days!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamapadawan on 14th November 2007
  • Oh, ho ho. I have so much in common with ALL of you guys!!

    Mamapadawan: I'm the same. I have a proper desk, but the web connection isn't so good, plus here on the couch I can see all around - Queen of the Living Room. And, like you, there is never time to get around the improving the signal. Sigh.

    And Mandy: the dog bed, huh? Wow, that IS bad!!

    Lylah, I will try your great suggestion with an old keyboard. I did get her a toy phone, hoping she would punch the buttons on that, but - eh - she'll only play with it for a minute or two at a time.

    Anyway, I think I'm just going to have to work more in the evenings, which I was hoping I would not have to do.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 14th November 2007
  • I agree that working with two little ones running around sometimes makes me yearn for an office away from the house (but not too far - walking or biking distance). But then I might miss playing an impromptu game of hide and seek. And that dog bed is some kinda comfy. It's huge and all of our throw pillows make it even better. The girls and I often snuggle on it and let Gibson (dog) have the couch. Why not? It's much more fun to roll around on the floor.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 14th November 2007
  • New here . .. but going to jump in . . . I'm sitting here trying to catch up on the new business and furiously crossing and uncrossing my legs. I have to pee like a racehorse, but am trying to finish up some things before a) the baby wakes up b) the dog needs to be let out again c) the 7th grader comes downstairs because he just realized he forgot some of his homework or d) the husband calls from his business trip to "chat". If I take a pee break, it might be hours before I can get back to finish up some business.

    I'm way interested in getting to know you more . . . share some of my frustrations . . . get some advice . . . find a home amongst other women who are trying to balance it all!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 16th November 2007
  • I guess I'm spoilt. I have a custom built home office. When building our new home my husband put down his foot and said that I was getting an office and was not to use the fourth bedroom for my office. Good thing because halfway through the building process we found out we were pregnant with our third and needed that bedroom for her.

    I have a picture on my blog.

    Having said that, I do take my Macbook out and work at the dinner table or from the lounge to be with my kids. Tilly had a habit of trying to eat my screen but now she just sneakily slides her hand up near the keyboard and when I seem to be getting a lot of qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq that's when I twig that she is pressing the keys again.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kylie Short on 18th November 2007

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