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Eating foods low in glycemic index

  • So I have this friend who is a doctor, and she is really into healthy eating. She was here over the weekend and said for staying healthy, preventing all sorts of diseases, and keeping your weight in check it's a good idea to eat foods low in glycemic index. I'm going to read into this further, but anyone else familiar with this?

    Here's the site she sent me:

    you can see what foods have what glycemic index - seems that high ones are sugary, white carb foods and low ones are less sugar, more whole grains, etc.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 8th November 2007
  • Yeah, I've been meaning to check into that. But right now it's all I can do to cook and eat what we get from the CSA each week. Add in planning and cooking a balanced meal for every meal and I'm done. I tried to get our food sources as local as possible this summer and our fruit eating dropped way down. So I'm back to buying bananas and canned fruit as well as fresh. Especially now that it's winter.
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