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How do you juggle Thanksgiving?

  • How do you juggle Thanksgiving in particular, and the holiday season in general?

    We've always had "Early Alphonse" Thanksgiving and Christmas -- that is, a week or two before the actual holiday, we have an early celebration, so that my brothers and I don't have to choose between our parents and our inlaws. My parents usually host, but sometimes my brothers or I do -- I hosted both last year, because I had just had our youngest child (believe it or not, it was easier to have 12 extra people at our place for Thanksgiving than it was to pack everyone up and go somewhere else!).

    What do you do? Stay home and have everyone come to you? Go to one set of family or another? Hang out with friends? Order in Chinese food (one of my friends used to do this every year -- it was her family's tradition, and she hates to cook!).
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  • I love having everyone here. Somehow with little ones it just seems easier. Our extended family is very small. Last Christmas it was just the 4 of us b/c everyone was off in other parts of the country. This year everyone will be in the area and we can't agree where to end up. No one in our combined families can make a decision and it always comes down to SIL and I telling everyone how it will be. I know, why don't we just come to your house, Lylah, then we won't have to think about it and we get Thanksgiving that much earlier!!
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  • ha! my holidays are aleays a bit.. .tricky! this year thanksgiving we are going to Atlanta to hubby's sister's house to be with his entire family (parents, siblings, and their kids) - everyone is going to Atlanta this year! that is the EASY one! for Christmas we spend the 23rd and 24th with my mom's family in the area, opening gifts from one another! (if she comes up, of course she is there too!) then usually christmas day MORNING is our little famly time (you know, santa presents etc.) and then we go to dinner at my Dad's house to cover that side of the family! i am actually kind of glad that my hubbys parents live in Oklahoma so that it isnt even MORE complicated! oh somedays i do wish everyone just got along and we could all have one huge event. all the running around is a bit much...(espeically when mom gives me the guilt trip about not being with the family on christmas day dinner - i am like MOM it's three days! share! LOL)
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  • We used to go to my mother's house for Thanksgiving. Now that she and her husband have moved into a senior living apartment, we've taken over the hosting duties. It's actually quite fun! Cooking a turkey really isn't very hard, and we have the space to put everyone at the table. It works out great for us.
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  • I cook for about 24 every year. It mostly is at my house and when its not I still cook! My brothers would freak if I didn't make certain things. Look when I lived in MA they rented a van and all of them showed up for Thanksgiving!lololol Look I maybe exhausted at the end of it. But I love my family and we all eat get along and enjoy the conversation. My mother in law lives in Reno and is not into family or her kids so going to visit isn't a hop skin and a jump. But we include friends that don't have families to visit.
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  • We spend the night at my parents house the night before. Then wake up with everyone Thanskgiving morning. We eat around noon, then head to the in-laws and spend the rest of the day there. Then go home and watch Chritsmas movies for the rest of the night. (this seems to be the kid's favorite part- quite "family" time together- even the teens)

    Then for Christmas, we will do exactly the same thing. LOL

    It is alot of driving and stress but we could never choose on just one place. I have offered to have it at our house, but cannot get the families to conform to our way of thinking. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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