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Is television watching harmful for your baby?

  • I am curious to know how much TV your baby is exposed to and if you think it is beneficial for their brain development?
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  • I used to think I was horrible for putting my daughter in front of a movie or Baby Einstein, sometimes for up to 30 minutes (the horror). Then at 18 months she could quote most lines from Annie and say "supercalafragalisticexpialadocious" and I realized it was just adding to her experiences. I need to utilize the T.V. sometimes once a day in order to get some work done. I don't let them have it for hours and I also make sure that they read and color and run outside and any number of things during the day. That being said, I admire people who never turn on the tv for their children. We don't have a TV in the living room or in any bedrooms but that's as close as it gets for me.
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  • I think that if you use the right kind of tv then your child can learn from it. Nick likes to watch Veggie Tales movies and Disney films. We also bought him a game system for the tv that we need to help him use more often. I think it is a quality over quanitity thing.
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