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Brain development in young children

  • What types of activities best stimulate your child's brain development?
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  • I tend to think that face time is the best for babies. I think just talking and interacting with your baby is probably the single most important thing that you can do. Beyond that, we read books to her, introduce age appropriate toys, and allow her to explore her surroundings. I'd definitely love to hear if others more specific and creative tips tips than that....we do parents as teachers and so I get some pointers from them too
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  • Reading and discovering through exploration are huge. I read to my 3 y-o from day one and that, combined with other things I'm sure, have helped her to have a huge vocabulary since she was 1. It also introduces them to new concepts and ideas. And letting them have a chance to safely explore their teaches them how to be independent and use those little brains.
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  • Variety over time. I Introduce 1-3 new things every few months. Baby has time to learn something new and time to practice it.

    Though, I am not of Asian decent I speak Japanese and take to her in Japanese. I also have a couple CDs some classical music, world music, salsas, jazz, opera.
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  • Sorry, accidentally hit post before finishing & editing my comment.

    The face time stuff is good too. Baby can see how the tough and lips move to form sounds.

    Often I let her balance on me. I have become the human climbing wall, bouncy and stationary excersaucer. Good thing is she also has her own time to play with her blocks and pumpkin (now a ball) by herself.

    board books are great too

    Later, we will try out different things like yoga for kids...or baseball.
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