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Welcome to Winter!

  • Welcome to our little group, Ohio Moms!

    Is it really snowing?

    Post here - introduce yourselves! Let's get to know other moms in our state . . . find out who our neighbors are!

    I'd love to start a support system for those of us in the area . . .

    Going to post my intro now
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  • I'm Naomi . . . I live on the east side of Cleveland . . .

    Have just begun to start a business, Rock-n-Tot ( The website will debut 12.1.07 - - very very very excited!

    Starting a new business has my stomach churning most days . . . and has my brain abuzzing all of the time!

    I have 3 kids (12, 4 and 17 mos) and a husband who travels WAY too much. We have lived in this area for 3 years (previously from Georgia). I was a paralegal in my pre-kid life and am thrilled to have found this site!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 16th November 2007
  • Hi all,

    Naomi, thanks for the invite to join the group!

    I live in near Cleveland with my husband and 2 pre-schoolers. I teach part-time and have my own HR consulting business. I also recently wrote a book that was released this summer- "The Parent's Guide to Family Friendly Work" which is a career search guide for parents.

    Congrats on your website Naomi- have you joined MomPack? It is an online group on Yahoo- great resources for Moms starting an online business. They share lots of ideas/information- great sounding board for ideas (they have over 6000 members- moms with businesses).

    Best, Lori
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  • By the way - I am on the West side of Cleveland ~ no snow here yet today!
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  • Lori - we live in the wonderful 'snow belt'

    I have checked out MomPack and have submitted my name for approval! What a great idea!!!
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  • Hi everyone -- taken me a bit to get around to the group.

    I live on the west side of town but work in downtown Cleveland. I work in broadcast news so each day is an adventure.

    I have a four year old daughter who is finishing up preschool. We're <gasp> getting ready for that kindergarten jump in the fall!
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  • Amara's mom . . . welcome!

    What a beautiful name for your daughter! We have one more year before kindergarten (we're planning to hold him back a year).

    Broadcast news . . . what fun!
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  • you started this discussion a year ago, and now it's winter again!

    stay warm, all!
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