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Im just wondering if this happens to anyone else....

  • Maybe this will turn into my ranting for the day, if so, Im sorry in advance.

    There is a local "mom group" that I had considered joining. I emailed the president, spoke with her at length.She was very eagar to have me join. That is, until I mentioned that I work. She mentioned that they did not have any members who worked outside the home.

    After looking over thier newsletter, it was clear they only cater to stay at home moms. All of thier activities occur during business hours. Even though they clearly stated that it was mearly a group for mothers. That's all.

    I was a little offended, and felt that she was insinuating that I am unworthy of joining thier group because I choose to work.

    Am I being over-sensitive? Does this happen to anyone else?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Crystal on 29th November 2007
  • No not being over sensitive , I would say ok no big.....And open your own Work at Home Mom, group!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 30th November 2007

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