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Does your child sleep through the night?

  • We used to joke that our oldest (who is now 14) didn't sleep through the night until she was 11 -- years old, that is! What do you do when your kids won't sleep through the night?
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  • We break out the margaritas!

    Ok, just kidding. We've had really good sleepers until recently. The 3 yo gets up about once a night, if not more, crying. She always goes for hubby though ;). Last Fri I experimented and, in warming up her milk for the night (she loves warm milk before bed) I added a bag of chamomile tea. Heated the whole thing for a minute, squeezed out the bag and she loved the taste. Then slept for 13 HOURS!! The next night we did the same and got 12 hours. 3rd night same. 4th night I skipped it and she was up. I don't know if it made a huge difference or if her little body was too tired and needed the sleep. I'm going back to it tonight to see if it helps.

    FYI, I used to do this to the baby bottles when they were 6 months+ before bed. It helped to calm them and going to sleep was much easier.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 6th December 2007
  • wow mandy i never even thought of that! so smart! our DS is great at sleeping through the night unless he is teething, but even now, he will whine and whimper for about 5 minutes and then decide that it really isnt worth it and goes back to sleep lol! but i still wake up! GETTING him to bed is the hard part... though getting easier... i think it's mostly the teething that is hard (and not seeing mom and dad all day...)
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  • My kids are teens now, and so keep me up by doing things like not getting home when expected, or wandering around the house AFTER I'm in bed...

    When they were little? If there was a clear and obvious reason, I'd deal with it: some concoction for gas or teething, feeding for hunger, time in my bed with me for a nightmare.

    For that period when they're 3 or 4 and they're having semi-regular nightmares, we made a "Bad Dream Bed". A crib mattress on the floor by my side of the bed, all made up nicely. They could come into it at any time, and have the comfort of my presence while hardly disturbing me. I'd drop a hand down over the side of the bed and lay it on their back or their tummy. Some mornings I'd be surprised to see them there!

    But I was also quite willing to let them cry if necessary, and that also worked. The oldest slept through (10 hours +) by 10 months, the middle by 8, the youngest by 12 months.
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  • What does it mean, really? Some docs say that 6 hours straight is "sleeping through" -- yeah right!!

    After 8 months of co-sleeping, 2 months of a mixed bag, and 5 months of intense "sleep training" (ugh, yes, CIO), our DD sleeps 7PM to 5AM. That's enough for me. If she wakes up before 5AM, I lay her back down and say "night,night". If after, I bring her to bed for morning nursing and a cuddle until we get up at 5:30.
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  • it's not enough for me! I can't get up anymore at 5AM, and sometimes she's up at 4:30!!

    I moved DD's bedtime up to 8PM with the time change, hoping she would "shift". So far, no payout.

    I also tried introducing her to a lighted alarm clock "when the light turns on, it's time to wake up". Alas, she always wakes up before the alarm.
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  • I was lucky my son started to sleep through the night at 6 weeks. Although lately he's been getting up about 20 mins after i put him down amd me or my boyfirend will have to rock him back to sleep.

    I love the idea of warm son is only 3 months now and only drinks formula would you recomend warming up his bottle before bed?
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