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Boston-area members... check in here and let us know that you survived the snowstorm!

  • It took me 5 hours to drive the 38 miles home, but I made it. 15 inches up here (northwest of Boston) and counting, but I'm warm and cozy (and logged in to Work It, Mom!, obviously).

    How is everyone else doing during this first big New England storm of the season?
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  • While I'm SOBO (can I invent a new term? "South of Boston";), I still got the white stuff. We got 11 inches, and much as my Scrooge I-Hate-Winter personality hates to admit, it was pretty stuff! Driving it was hellacious, to be sure. I was practically kissing the ground when I got home b/c I was so nervous about getting home safely. - Paula.
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  • Unreal...I'm from Syracuse, NY and if I hadn't experienced it, I never would have believed it! 7 hours in the car for my 32 mile commute up Rt. 93! Cars stopped and abandoned everywhere.....Definately a life experience.

    If the daycare director hadn't gone to the private K-6 to pickup our 5 year old, brought him back to the daycare facility to wait there with his 3 year old brother (and did not even charge the $2 per minute per child fee for the time she sat with them ((it took hubby 4 hour from Burlington to South Andover!!!) I don't know what we would have done not being from the area! Count my lucky stars for her!!!!!
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