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Buying furniture! Trusted brands?

  • I'm in the market for some nice furniture. What are your fav brands? What do you consider good value? Has anyone tried buying furniture from Ebay or is that just too risky?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 19th December 2007
  • Diane: In the past year, we went through renovations and I had to buy furniture for 5 rooms. Those smaller, unique businesses can cause extreme delays and make you feel caught in the middle with the shipping companies they outsource too. As hard as it is for me to say as a small business owner (who strives to support small business), when it comes to furniture, I would stick with more trusted companies like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Ethan Allen, Stickley's, etc. For my living room, I had a lot of fun shopping at Pierre Deux and worked with an in-house design consultant for a nominal fee. Good luck!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by 665WoodMom on 19th December 2007
  • Wow, this is great advice. Thanks!
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  • I think it depends on which rooms you're looking to furnish... for kids room, where the stuff is going to get at least a little beat up anyway, I love IKEA -- not too expensive, very versatile, and not too bad in the style department! And some of their solid-wood stuff is very nice, with clean lines and a classic look.

    I live near Boston, and up here we have Boston Interiors, which has a lot of Crate and Barrel-esque stuff at a lower price.

    Right now, our family room is sporting the "just got hit by a tornado" style of interior design. So I might not be best person to listen to for advice!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 20th December 2007
  • I am living in a temporary rental house and it is furnished in rental house chic. My house in NC just sold and closed so I am about to start house and furniture shopping, so I cannot wait to see some more comments.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by NSB Mom on 23rd December 2007
  • i love furniture!! i think it really depends on how much you want to spend and the style you are looking for. the town of High Point NC is like THE PLACE for furniture (at least on the east cost that i am aware of! ha!) where all the designers go and decide what is 'in' this season... blah blah blah...

    i agree with ikea and the standards... you can also find some good stuff at places like Macy's (used to be Hechts) furniture. i got our old bedroom furniture and it was a fantastic experience!!

    also if there is a place that is good but going out of business for whatever reason you can usually bargin and get a good deal - but unless you love to negotiate it might not be too fun lol!!

    i caution against pottery barn as i have a few friends that have bought stuff there only to be disappointed with the qualtiy vs. $$ spent. not that it's bad, just maybe not worth what they charge...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 29th December 2007
  • I don't have a trusted brand, but I was looking through dinettes recently to change the one in our breakfast nook. Looking at this from Acme Furniture:
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  • Oh, and for sofas, I go for visiondecor:
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  • -- my personal favorite! They're a little pricier but the furniture is worth it by far and will last you forever! If you keep watching their Facebook page, they do a lot of giveaways too so you may win a bedroom set for free!
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