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hello, hello, hello

  • hi women. my name is Bounette. i am from western new york. snow country... i have 5 kids...4 boys then i was blessed with my little girl. they are all blessing but only those women in the same boat as me would understand what it's like being the only female in a house full of boys,,,,and their!!!so anyways i'm really enjoying having a girl... i am in the midst of trying to network, meet lots of other moms out there like me. i am also trying to grow my home business. i am really eager to succeed.

    realizing i am in control of my future is a beautiful thing. realizing also how much control over it i have is a great thing. i am loving the hunger i have right now. i know if i work things right that i will succeed.
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  • Welcome, Bounette! I think you'll find there's plenty for you here at Work It, Mom! -- check out the groups for moms with large families, moms with home businesses, and entrepreneurs!

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures with 5... what kind of home business are you growing?
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  • thankyou for the welcome.!!

    well i am in business with a company that has been in business for a long while. it's a health safety and wellness company. you can get more info here:

    i so look forward to sharing my many many stories about my mad house.
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  • Welcome!
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  • Bounette,

    Well I'm eagerly awaiting stories of your success with your homebased business. I am a fellow team member from Illinois - recently signed on (Sept 2007). I haven't found my way yet but I believe in the products so it will grow.

    My family might not be the two legged variety but I have the animal kingdom variety which at times can cause craziness too....
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 21st December 2007
  • so mary Jane i guess i saw the other post before i saw this one. so you are from Illinois.. that's another cold country. bbbrrrrrrr !!!

    well i am an animal lover also

    here is our list of pets..

    yeas 5 kids, 1 hubby (kid)

    and 5 pets......

    i chilean rose hair tarantula

    2 fire belly toads

    1 red tail boa

    1 green iguana

    and today i am actually hopefully closing the deal on 2 sugar glider boys.

    don't say anything i know. i can't have a dog where i live at so i'm substituting......hehehe
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bounette on 21st December 2007
  • Hi Bounette,

    Yep burrrr.... It's only in the 20's now but it is winter and this is Chicago after all.

    Okay so insanity runs in your family then mmmmmmm....

    Your animal kingdom is quite unique. These I would say are not normal household pets, I'm curious as to your selection process. A friend had an iguana he was cute and my Niece had two sugar gliders at her daycare facility so I know what they are. Why the others?

    Hey I almost got a Llama one Christmas from my girlfriend....village wouldn't allow it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 22nd December 2007
  • woooowwww!!!! a llama..... and my collection is unique. o.k.

    well i like snakes. i think they are pretty cool. very interesting creatures. the tarantula was my husbands thing and she grew on me. we have had her for about 7 years now. the fire belly toads are my 2 oldest sons...

    yeah we love animals,,,,we usually end up with the "different" ones.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bounette on 22nd December 2007
  • Bounette,

    Yeah I love animals too but believe me the cockatoo's are exotic enough for me... I'd never thought about owning a bird which is to say I wouldn't have gone out and bought one. But when my friend said she was looking for a good home....well you have to know mine is the only "good home" that exists. Friends have said they don't know why I just don't put a sign in the front yard that reads "Unwanted pets - drop off here".

    I ended up with the birds because my friends daughter "who had to have them" grew up and got a life (in other words turned 16). Cockatoo's are companion birds and yeah want to be with you like a dog except they poop on your shoulder and like to put holes in your t-shirts....

    Hey wait a minute don't I see a German Shepard in your photo?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 22nd December 2007
  • yeah that picture is from years ago. we a had a beautiful gsd. but we were down south at the time and moved up north and i had to find another home for her. i wish i could have kept her, i wish i could have her now, but land lords are a pain in my rear end.

    we have never had any birds before though.
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