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my search is over

  • When I started my search for a way to make an income from home I was so discouraged. I think I found every scam out there! Not only that, but the ones I thought might not be scams required me to invest several hundreds
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  • Hey there. Tell me more about what you want to do before you write the idea of a way to make income for yourself. I am not part of any companies, or networks, or pyramids or sales for something I don't make myself.

    I bet you have a hobby or something that you enjoy doing. Start there. That's what I am doing and it makes me really happy. I have my iron in several fires, I am not rich, but I am happy and enjoy all of the different things I have made "up" and generated into money makers.
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  • I think you have to search within yourself for ideas and inspiration rather than finding ready-made opportunities. I don't think there is anything wrong with some ready made opportunities, as long as you are passionate about them and can add a LOT of your own ideas and creativity.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine OKelly on 24th December 2007
  • When I was ready to change careers, it took a lot of soul searching to find what was right for me. I spent a great deal of time looking at my goals, values, and priorites and comparing that list with my skills and gifts. There probably are some ready-made opportunities that work out fine but there are a lot of scams out there. It just has to be a good fit for what you are looking for (looking to get-rich-quick doesn't usually lead to a good fit). Christine was need to be passionate about it and able to add your own unique gifts.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 24th December 2007
  • Once you are very clear on why you want to work from home and make a certain level of income, then it is only a matter of finding a fit. I am so blessed to have found the answer, to work from home, and no phone calling or selling. Anytime, anywhere business helping people. And I am very passionate about helping people find a better way.
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  • I was so sick of online scammers trying to contact me that I write an article titled "Mom Scams" and posted it on my blog. Here is the link to the article.

    Here is a good tip that I use from time to time. If an online scammer happens to get you on the phone, try this. Say, "Hold on just a minute while I turn on my recorder for my protection."

    An online scammer will hang up on you immediately and a nonscammer will not.

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