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Renovation fantasy time! (It's ok to dream...)

  • Okay, let's imagine -- just for fun -- you have an unlimited budget. What five renovations/home improvements would you choose? I would:

    1. replace the poured concrete driveway and path with rough-hewn paving stones in a natural, curving design.

    2. open up the entryway to my home - make it bigger and add a big porch or deck to make it look more welcoming.

    3. open up the living room for more sunlight - knock out some walls.

    4. build a roomy master bathroom with whirlpool.

    5. lay hardwood in the kitchen to match the rest of the house.

    Ahh. It felt good to at least imagine all of that! Happy New Year!
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  • 1. have the roof/deck repaired.

    2. have all ceiling watermarks fixed

    3. new carpet/hardwood floors

    4. fireplace fixed

    5. all entry doors replaced

    that was nice but now I cant get all the things I need done out of my head lol
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  • oh i have thsi ALL PLANNED OUT!

    1. add a 2 car garage

    2. expand off the back for kitchen/dining/living rooms

    3. reconfigure the inside

    4. add fireplace in living room

    5. add screaned in porch

    6. add deck

    7. all new windows!
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  • I can only think of a couple right now.

    1. Put in french doors in the dining room to go out to the back yard.

    2. Add a nice big deck on the back of the house.
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  • 1.) Landscaping!! The front of our house deinitley needs some curb appeal!

    2.) Lengthen/Widen our back patio, currently it i a teeny square slab. Not big enough for barbecuing and having friends hang out on.

    3.) Remodel our shower to incorporate 2 showerheads. DH and I have dreamed of this FOREVER.

    4.) Change the fieplace to gas and make it larger.

    5.) Close in the second dining area for an extra bedroom.

    Our house is just a few years old, so not too many changes just yet.
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  • I seriously have a list that's 3 pages long. No joke.

    It includes:

    New flooring everywhere


    New countertops

    New kitchen and bathroom fixtures

    Total landscaping

    Replacing guest bath/shower combo with decent sized bathtub (which would mean bumping out the side of our house to make room!)

    Building a new workshop in the backyard
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  • I want to play!

    We want to turn the garage into a living room/play room (since we don't use it for the car, just storage.

    Replace the garage door with big windows for light.

    Either connect to the new room with french doors, or open up the space completely.

    A shed for everything we used to keep in the garage.

    And a patio in the back off the deck.
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