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Networking Challenges?

  • I'm curious to find out what the biggest networking challenges are that others perceive?


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  • When I first started networking the pure fear of standing up.. receiving the microphone.. talking about myself and my business.. handing it to the next person.. and sitting back down without sweaty palms.. slipping.. stuttering.. losing my train of thought.. and maybe my name.. lol!

    It took about 20-30 times before I was comfortable with that.. then it was kind of fun.. trying to get people to laugh.. that often helps them remember you!
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  • Hmmm....good post! My biggest challenge is prospecting. Not me, but the methods people use!

    last sunday at church while reflecting on the sermon and just feeling oh so peaceful. I get tapped on my shoulder, I open my eyes and I kid you not, I had an invitation in front of me, that read you have been funvited. I get excited about a home party as much as any man or woman...really though what's next passing invitations with the communion? Cutting th preacher in on % sales made if he slips the name of your name, company, phone number and message as part of the sermon?

    Like the philosopher stated, there is a time and a season for all things!
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  • My biggest challenge is initiating conversation. I find it difficult to introduce myself and speak about my business.
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  • I wasn't sure how to find people who would be able to use the services I have to offer. In this rough economy local residents in my town aren't so eager to use their money to hire an interior designer. And the local businesses don't seem to be either.

    I have found two local spin-offs of BNI, which in my opinion costs way too much. The local groups cost between $50 and $100 for a year's membership and will hopefully produce the same results. BNI, in case you are not familiar, is an international referral organization. You can see their site at

    Besides running my interior design business, I also own an online scrapbooking store. All the local scrapbooking stores have closed their doors over the past two years (besides Walmart and Jo-Anns) and rather than open my own brick-and-mortar store, I have been marketing to local boutiques to sell my pre-made and custom cards and scrapbooking layouts.
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