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Progress for January goals?

  • OK, I know it's only a few days into January, but I firmly believe that, at least in my case, to achieve my small goal I have to jump on it. So, as a progress report, my goal was to eat more leafy green vegetables and we now have Broccoli Rabe in our fridge. (I don't even know if I am spelling that right...)

    Going to make it tomorrow.

    How about you? How are you doing with your small January goals?
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  • I caught myself being negative and stopped immediately each time. When it took me an hour pump this morning, I stopped dwelling on the time, and was thankful to have milk that needed pumped. When I arrived at work and realized that I was booked solid with patients, I stopped whining and was thankful to have the skills needed to help these kids. When I interrupted work to pump three times, I stopped thinking about the inconvenience and was thankful that I have work flexibilty to pump. When the nurse told me she was leaving at the end of the day whether I was finished or not, I stopped being angry and was thankful for the help which she had provided. When I got home after a long day and had to change two poopy diapers, I stopped counting (the number of diapers I change vs my hubby) and was thankful that my son was getting enough nourishment that he had poop to spare. When I was rocking my son to sleep, I stopped worrying about the work I had planned and didn't accomplish, and was thankful that I had a son to hold and rock and comfort.
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  • far so good, I shut my work computer down at 430. Huge accomplishment.....
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  • I re-purposed an old plastic drawer cart into a sewing storage cart. I started sorting and filling drawers. Next task is to label the drawers so I know what's in them. Still have more to sort through but I threw out /recycled/donated 3 bags of stuff. Yay!
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  • So far I've gotten a couple of rows done on the baby blanket, but i really need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to finish in time.

    KC, I really loved reading about your attitude change. It really is inspirational!
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  • thanks, mamajama ... i am determined to change the attitude! Keep going on the blanket!
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  • KC! that is fantastic! i can almost feel your stress/relief cycle when you are talking to yourself LOL!! it is amazing how when we stop and pay attention to how we are feeling about a situation and look for whatever positive we can find it can immediately drop the stress level a few degress! made me happy just to read that!! woohoo!

    i actually walked (nor running yet) the other day and yesterday got up at 5am to work out/streatch/start organizing my home office. this morning i slept in until 6:30 but i also ate a healthy breakfast of yogurt and a kashi bar and did NOT stop at starbucks on the way in! that's HUGE for me since i have gift cards but i figure i will end up going after lunch so this way it's only once today instead of twice hehehe
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  • So far, I've prepped the walls for painting, bought paint and supplies - that's towards the one goal of turning my house into "our home" this year.

    I've started a survey for the Relationship Talk Radio and will be starting to confirm dates with guests once the data starts coming in - (contact me if you'd like to be a part of the brief survey by the way)

    I've got plans to meet with the caterer to formalize plans for the local marketing support group and have the schedule mostly outlined for the year...

    All in's going pretty good.
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  • I made it to fitness boot camp yesterday at 5 AM and walked a mile and ran a mile today so I'm off to a good start. I'll be headed back to boot camp again tomorrow.
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  • I'm done with my son's picture book! Last night, I ordered a beautiful engraved leather bound book with all his pictures in it AND had 2008 calendars made with some of the pictures for the grandma's. Proof that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! Yes, a bit dramatic, but I'm a Leo, that's how we are
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