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A new find, a new addiction.

  • I have a website that I ran across at some time in 2007 and now that I am focused on exercise in 2008 this website is my new addiction. If you haven't been to the www for Women's Health magazine you should definitely check it out!

    You can register for free (YAAY FOR FREE!) and have access to their 2008 Ultimate Fitness Plan. As busy moms many of us don't have time for such an intense routine but there is SO MUCH MORE on their site! I don't think I have read their magazine before but their website is a new favorite that I find myself using daily.

    Do you have any online fitness tools that you like to use?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 5th January 2008
  • A few years ago, about a year after my daughter was born, I used Weight Watchers online for a few months - I really liked the tracking tools and the reminders to drink more water, eat veggies, etc. A friend has used before - and has really liked it.

    I'll be checking out the link, thank you!
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  • I messed about with FitDay for a while. I particularly liked the nutritional breakdown it provides of your food.
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  • I signed up for The National Body Challenge at e/day.html

    They have great quizzes to help you see how much you DON'T know about fitness, exercise and food. These were really fun to take. In the end, my profile revealed that I should only have 1200 calories per day - what a shock to me! I must have been in the range of 2600 calories a day before this challenge because now I am STARVING. However, it has been really fun to track what I eat and how much exercise I am getting. I don't use their meal plans but do find their exercise regimes entertaining.

    Hope you like it too! I am down 6 pounds in 6 days, only 25 pounds to go... and 7 more weeks.
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  • I have been using

    IT too has the nutrition tracker and is a nice community too.
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