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What is your favorite money-saving Web site?

  • My favorite site is Mary Hunt has great ideas. I also love Suze Orman. She's my hero.
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  • I use - it's easy money back from purchases and they usually list deals as well.
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  • Mir's She's fabulous. Deals + attitude = gotta love her.
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  • How does Ebates work?
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  • Google!

    Before I hit the "purchase" submit for any online purchase, I google the website with "promotional code" to connect up to the coupon code sites. An extra 30 seconds before making the purchase usually averages about a $10 savings!
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  • relaxnsmile - brilliant!!! i am going to do that the next time i purchaseonline!!!

    i also use - you dont really get any discounts, but you collect points for going through their site (and clicking on ads in email, if you sign up) BUT you get to turn in the points for free stuff!

    i have gotten $50 macy's card, $50 home depot and a zillion $10 starbucks card. VERY COOL to go shopping with free money ;)
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  • is really easy - you just create an account and then you get cash back -- 3-6% -- if you click through ebates to go to certain merchants. They work with most major companies, btw, so I just go there first and then click through to wherever, like landsend or redenvelope.
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  • Wow, I had no idea about any of these sites. Thanks for the tip!
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  • Definitely UPromise

    If you shop through their links or physically vist participating vendors using your registered debit or credit cards, a certain percentage goes into an account for your child.

    For example, with Exxon Mobil: Save 1ยข for college per gallon of gas purchased at Exxon and Mobil locations when you buy a total of 20 or more gallons in a calendar month.

    The list of participating vendors is absolutely HUGE! We never buy anything without checking UPromise first.
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  • For coupons I like and They offer both online and store coupons. They also list instore specials.

    Kate - thanks for tip about mypoints.
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