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How do you shop frugally?

  • Some of my family members make fun of me for my frugal ways, but in the long run I think we end up being able to do more of what we want because I spend less on what we need.

    Recently I've really gotten into using coupons (something I thought I would *never* do) and shopping clearance racks for things DD can wear the next season. I bought her a ton of jeans in July because I could get each pair for $3 to $7 instead of close to $20 each! Granted some of them didn't fit her by the time she needed jeans, but the amount spent on those (which I then gave away to people who needed them) is far less than what I saved.
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  • I shop end of season clearance sales for my daughter regularly and get some great deals. I also buy all seasonal type decorations at the end of each season when they are dirt cheap.

    I rarely pay full price for clothes or shoes for any of us - has become my friend, they always have great shoe deals.
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  • I love to buy used stuff, especially for my daughter. I have found that being frugal often is in agreement with being "green." You are getting a good deal on something your kids will use only a short time, you're reducing waste, and you're recycling. It's a win-win! Kids, especially little ones, don't wear clothes out. And there are lots of toys that still have life left in them. I've gotten great deals on eBay, craigslist, and local consignment shops.

    The best way I have found to shop frugally though, is to operate on a cash only basis. You won't spend it if you don't have it in your purse!
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  • 1. Never buy anything at full price.

    2. Second hand stores rock!

    3. Coupons, rebates, and reading the ads for deals are worth the time.
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  • Make a list, check it twice and don't buy anything that is not on it!!
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  • I buy and sell second-hand clothes for my girls! Check out my new site
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  • I try to buy as much as possible on sale. I rarely buy clothes for myself or my daughter that are not on sale and, if possible, on clearance. Sadly, I still found the temptation to purchase too great to resist, so we recently switched to cash only and that has helped me curb my impulses a lot!!

    I do use coupons pretty regularly. I did use to poke fun at coupon people, but I've realized they can save you a lot of money IF you stick with using them only for stuff you would have bought anyway. On the other hand, many coupons only take brand name products down to a level with store brand equivalents. So if you try store brands and feel the quality is the same, just stick with those and ditch the coupons. For example, I get lots of coupons for Kraft cheese, but the Publix store brand is cheaper and it's fine so I just buy that.
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  • We're moving from a state with no sales tax on food and most clothing (CT) to a state with a sales tax of almost 10% (yikes), so we are going to buy as much in bulk online as possible. If something crosses state lines to get to you, no sales tax can be added! Unfortunately, this doesn't apply for online stores with a real-store presence (like Target).
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  • I love all these great tips!

    I shop sales and clearance for clothes, clip coupons for things we use, match coupons to sales and rebates, and keep an eye out for ridiculous bargains (Mir's Want Not helps with this!), and stockpile gifts that I've bought onsale or at deep discounts throughout the year...
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  • ooh never knew about!! Very excited!! hm i randomly use couspons, i keep tryingbut then forget them. however, they DO make a huge difference when i use them! i have also found it is often a lot less expensive to get department store coupons and find the name brand clothes on sale (with coupon!) than to buy 'cheaper' clothes like at target or old navy. though not much can beat an old navy sale, i mean, i did buy a pair of jeans for my sister there for $2... THAT is a bargin!
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