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any redskin fans? or sport fans in general?

  • anyone care that Gibbs is out? thoughts on the replacement? i heard this morning that the Caps are apparently doing really well. too bad hockey bores me to tears...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 11th January 2008
  • I know you sent this post a while ago but I just joined. I am with you on the hockey thing. It's probably the only sport I don't care for. My husband is a HUGE Caps fan and now that they are in the playoffs, I will have to endure several more months of it.

    I do love almost every other sport, though. I guess it comes from having 5 younger brothers. College basketball is my fave. I'm a Terp through and through! I'm from the Bronx and a true Yankees fan. Unfortunately, my football team is the Jets and they are TERRIBLE! I think that about covers it for me.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by peytonjacksmama on 10th April 2008
  • haha! the caps mania is kinda nutty - suddenly everyone is on the bandwaggon!!

    actually i love just about any sport if i am AT THE GAME. Watching it on TV .. eh... unless i have someone to cheer for or against or with

    A friend *ahem* mandy *ahem* of mine is a HUGE boston celtics fan and last night they played the wizards so i had to watch the last quarter to rub it in a little and talk some trash over IM. ;)

    5 brothers! WOW at least they were younger ;) so you have been mothering your whole life? haha!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 10th April 2008
  • I sure have been mothering my whole life. 5 is actually an error (oops). I have 4 younger brothers, but's the difference? There were a lot of them and only one of me I guess I'm lucky that my 1st is a boy. Been there done that...

    I agree that being at the game can make any sport, even hockey, fun.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by peytonjacksmama on 10th April 2008
  • I'm a football kinda girl. I watch a good many of the games and my SO and I play Fantasy Football with his uncles and cousin in Puerto Rico. It's a great way to keep in contact with them and it's fun. I like to watch hockey if I start at the beginning of the season and I only watch Anaheim. If I miss the first few weeks, I usually don't even bother. I just can't stand to watch baseball. I love to play, but I think I'd rather watch paint dry. We even get free tickets sometimes and we just don't go. Some of the people here were excitedly talking about golf. I just don't even get watching or playing that one. I'll do mini golf, and maybe go to the driving range, but I can't go play on a regular course. I don't watch basketball either. I just can't get interested in it but I've never been to a game in person, so I'm not sure if it would be much different.
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  • As a recent transplant to the area I haven't caught on with any of the local sports teams, but I too am a college basketball fan, and as one of the loyal tournament-traumatized Jayhawk fans (seriously, talk about it being nice for them to get this monkey off their backs), I have to chime in and say Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! I'm amazed that they won, but that's the kind of game that makes it so fun for me to watch college basketball.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Traci on 11th April 2008
  • I was cheering right along with you when you beat UNC in the Final Four! All I can say about that is that Maryland didn't even make it to the NCAA tourney and they beat UNC in the regular season. Can you say OVERRATED?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by peytonjacksmama on 11th April 2008
  • Yeah, I thought it would be a much more even game than it was (despite NC pulling within a few). A lot of Jayhawk fans still can't let go of their feelings about Roy Williams, but I still like him, and despite some of his players acting a little whiney out on the court, I think he's a great coach. But you're right, I thought they were overrated going into the tourney too. Thanks for rooting for the 'Hawks.
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