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Two becoming "Three"

  • I have recently started dating a really great individual. Dating this person for the last 3 months has been an enjoyable experience. The main focus has been on the two of us, and now we are getting to the point in figuring out how to move forward. I have a one year old daughter. They interact and get along great, and it does bring up some concern in case it doesn't work out. Plus, shifting from having it be just my daughter and I to the three of us can be a little scary. I feel very protective of her.

    Any thoughts?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by analuz on 17th January 2008
  • That concern about "what if it doesn't work out" will always be an issue, and you're right to feel protective. I don't have any advice, though there are a good number of members here who could probably offer you some great insight... I just wanted to tell you not to rush and to trust your instincts...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 18th January 2008
  • I have been where you are. It was basically, me, my son, and my folks. Long story. But, needless to say, after several years, I married my husband. My son adores him, even if they drive each other crazy. When they don't have a father, and you are able to give them a father figure, especially someone who loves you "both" then it's worth it. It's natural to be a little cautious. But, don't let that caution drive you crazy. If it's meant to be, than it will all work itself out. Just remember, your own happiness is just as important as your daughter's. Just make sure that this guy is the right one and will never hurt either one of you. Good luck!
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