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Mid month check in for January goals

  • OK, I am going to keep bugging us all with the check ins -- because I am sure like you, life gets busy and it's easy to forget.

    So here goes -- my goal was to eat new dark greens. So far we've had Broccoli raabe 3x this month and I really like it. Next I am going to try to find a good easy recipe for chard.

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  • My goals and my progress...

    1) Get back in the habit of waking up at 7am during the week. I've been slipping and rushing to get the kiddo to school and me to work just isn't a good way to start the day.

    I haven't done very good with this. Usually getting up around 7:30.

    2) Keep my craft room clean. It has a habit of becoming a dumping ground for everything when we have people coming over and need to quickly clean up.

    I got it almost clean and then it went back to being a disaster area.

    3) Submit 4 scrapbook layouts for possible publication!

    I've submitted 2 so far and 2 more in the works that have to be submitted by the end of the month! So maybe I'll accomplish this one! Yay!
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  • My goal was to continue to keep the house clean...and it is going pretty well, but I can't seem to get my husband to do the dishes when it is his turn, so they are piling up a little...grrrrr. But I am keeping up my end of the goal so, YAY!
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  • hmmm i dont think i have achieved any of my goals LOL

    well actually i am meditating more often but the actual working out part is still tough. trying to figure out how to fit everything into a 24 hour day LOL! work has gotten even MORE hectic afterthe beginning of the year so balance is becoming even more difficult to achieve. but oddly, i am ok with it all and much less stressed.

    i wish i knew how i was doing that! if i figure it out i will share i do like what i am doing even if it's hectic and that has to be part of it. I also am just so excited to see what tomorrow holds - regardless of what happened today! that certainly helps
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  • Ok, I think we're getting closer to END of the month than mid-month, but I'll post here anyway.

    I achieved half of my revised goal. . .I went to the health screening. The other half, working out in any capacity, hasn't happened yet. I have a lot of awesome excuses, though : )

    Honestly, I thought the year was going to be about fitness, & I think it's going to be about finance/career instead. We'll see. I'd like to accomplish everything in every area all at once. . .
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  • My January goal was to quit drinking Pepsi. I´ve gained so much weight since my second son was born, it´s just ridiculous! I found an accountability partner and the first week, I still drank some Pepsi. Since then, though, I´ve cut it out and have managed to only have two or three bottles of Diet Pepsi since the first week!

    The up side? The first week that I didn´t drink soda, I lost 3 lbs! Without really changing my diet. I haven´t weighed myself this week, but my pants are getting loose!
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  • Mine was to get back to my pre-Christmas weight. Done!

    Of course, being sick for a good two weeks this month probably helped, because I had NO appetite. Maybe not, though, because the only things I wanted to eat were nothing but starch and carbs...

    Doesn't matter. I'm back to normal now. What's next up?
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