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  • How do you handle schedules?
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  • My biggest problem with our family is conflicting schedules. Sports events overlap, recitals and practice. How do you handle your schedules when this happens?
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  • I use Google calendar for nearly everything. That, and my palm pilot. I need to have things a.) written down and b.) easily accessible from wherever I am...

    Actually, I just wrote about this over at Larger Families... they're running some great posts about organization this month. Here's a link to the post, and to the site in general...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 21st January 2008
  • We have 4 kids, 3 old enough to particpate in activites. We plan the tricky (3 things going-on at once and only 2 parents) stuff as early in the week as possible in case we need to enlist help from family or friends. I write down everything in my calendar so that it is organized for me to view. Anything that takes place during the regular work-week, like teacher conferences or kids doctors appointments, I e-mail to my hubby at work and ask him to put it on his calendar. Then, I still confirm with him at the beginning of the week if he is responsible. We still manage to miss things occasionally and we still run-around like nuts trying to fit it all in no matter how organized we are!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Writingfoursanity on 28th January 2008
  • I have 4 children. 2 are old. My oldest is married and has 2 kids of his own. The other is 19 and college and working. So the 2 left are the girls and they are teenagers. One has her learning permit.

    I keep very busy with these 2 maybe busier then when all 4 lived at home. Between cheerleading, track, a-choir, drama practices we keep very busy. Most of this happens right after school wihich helps. Hubby gets home first so he picks them up on his way home. Then if we have stuff after dinner I usually do this.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by crazymomof04 on 27th February 2008
  • We live by the imac calendar (although we're shopping for a more elegant option). We publish the things we want others to know about, and keep some things to ourselves. We have family that helps out, especially on Saturdays when I work, which makes it all possible ( I recommend living in the same town as your in-laws if you provide them with their only grandchildren!)

    We try to keep strict limits on how many activities kids can do. That said, it's spring, which must mean soccer in three locations, one of which I coach, baseball for two kids which hubby coaches, and marathon training for us, it gets crazy.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sarah F. on 13th March 2008
  • My hubby and I have 8 children...yes, I said 8. Between the ages of 6 and 16. I just started working full time and I love it. This is the first year that everyone is in school. Whoo-hoo! As far as schedules go, just hold on Tonight my 6 year old had a 6:00 t-ball game and my daughter had a 7:00 chorus recital. My husband went to the game with our son while we ran to the recital, after the game he met us there and we just got home for dinner@8:00.We have 2 kids that drive now that helps in a major way. Both have cars so little errands Isend them on, and of course they just love getting a couple bucks for gas money in return. We also only do 1 sport a season. With Soccer, Basketball and football running simutaneously, we have to choose only 1 or else it just isnt happening. To be honest I prefer the nights we have stuff going on...I feel more connected to the kids.We have plenty of time in the car to talk. Also it is fun cheering eachother on in the bleachers!! (Not to mention my house stays cleaner when were not in
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by WorkingMommyOf8 on 26th March 2008

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