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How often does your toddler get sick?

  • DD started daycare this year, and boy, what they say is true - from October on it's endless. She's been sick at least once a month, sometimes, 2x a month. Each time it's a few days off from school, so the juggling act is testing us
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  • Too often! Seriously, it seems like she's had a cough from early October until now, with only a week here or there of no coughing. It doesn't bother her, and we did get it checked out early on and all the tests came back showing nothing, but now it's really getting bad again, and I'm dreading another doctor's office visit -- with another all-day round of x-rays and blood draws and tests to make sure it's not pneumonia, etc.

    When I can't take her (or the baby) to school/care, then the juggling act gets much tougher. I know my boss is cool with me having to work from home from time to time, but I worry about what my coworkers think, since some of them would love to work from home but can't (access issues, not permission issues -- it's harder to get through our firewall on a mac than a pc).
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  • I am in the same boat. My 19 month old is in daycare, and while we love his center, the sickness factor feels like it's getting a little out of control. Last winter was rough too, and I was hoping with him being a little older this year we'd be better off.

    Starting in November, we had 2 bouts of bronchiolitis with ear infections, pnuemonia (with ear infection) over Christmas, and then we went for our follow up after the Christmas illness, and he had - an ear infection! I feel like any time he's off antibiotics for a week he gets one again. So we finished the antibiotics on Friday/Sat... just in time for the stomach bug! yuck! not a fun weekend at my house. He's doing better now and luckily it was over the long weekend so we didnt have to miss work. I go back to the dr for a follow up to the last ear infection this week. I think I will ask about tubes to see if he thinks they are an option.

    I also totally understand the juggling. My husband used to have more time off than me, so he would stay home more often, and if it was longer than a day we'd switch off or get a grandmother involved. I think soon I will be the one taking more days since my husband started a new job. Luckily they are flexible. And soon the weather will start to get nicer, and the kids will be outside more which I think helps.

    Hope everyone's kiddos are feeling better soon!!
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  • Little germ factories, these kids!

    This is my little man's first winter in daycare, and it seems like he's been sick since the beginning of December. If it's not a full-blown fever/ear infection/virus something-or-other-requiring medication, then it's a constant runny nose/coughing/sneezing/wheezing thing. Then he passes the bug on to either me or my husband, so we're taking care of each other as well as the boy. I think I've been out sick more this winter than I was the entire time I was pregnant.

    He is only in daycare 2 days a week, so if he misses those 2 days, he's home for nearly 2 weeks. It makes the first day back into daycare really tough for him.
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  • My two aren't in daycare/school and they still get sick! The oldest, she's 3, and last winter was certainly worse for her than this year has been. But the baby has been sick straight through since new year's eve and I know I should bring her back in again to be checked. Since she's been sick so long she's so clingy and winy and doesn't want the sitters and it's killing me! We have two wonderful sitters and, while I know she won't chase them away, it's certainly testing them. Doesn't help that mommy is in the house, though upstairs, the whole time. I feel for all of you ladies who have to do the juggle. Too bad there isn't something like Sick Care instead of Day Care where everyone is sick anyway so you might as well drop your booger face off, too!
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  • Wow, I thought my kid just had a bad immune system. It's nice to hear that everyone else is in the same boat! My 14 month old isn't in day care but she goes to baby group alot and I've been avoiding going since she's been sick from late november to mid jan with only a week or two of good health in between. So frustrating.
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  • I give my kids probiotics daily, and I give the a pediatric formula of echinachea and goldenseal on an intermittent basis. I typically give them the lowest dose daily for 3-4 weeks, then I won't give it to them for a month or so. If I notice symptoms or if they have increased exposure to sickness, then I will start it back up and/or increase to the maximum dosage. I've noticed a marked difference in their immune systems!!
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  • My son used to get sick a lot when he first started at daycare. However, he hardly ever gets sick anymore. He is almost 2 and just got sick for the first time in months. Even the pediatrician had commented on how she never sees him anymore. So I think it does get much better. I think that it builds their immune system up and eventually they will get less sick than the average child - or so I have heard from other parents that have been through the same.
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  • My daughter is 16 months old doesn't take vitamins but she eats lots of fruits and vegetables (no junk food allowed) and she has never been sick even though her dad and i have been sick a couple of times and her cousin goes to daycare and she is always sick (they are very close) with a bad cold or the flu. By the way my daughter is not vaccinated against the flu.
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