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Tips for menu planning

  • OK, I am going to try and get with this awesome thing I hear about all over -- including here! -- Menu Planning. Here's my question -- do you plan out your meals for the whole week or just dinners?
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  • Oh, I love this topic! I originally started doing just dinners but discovered that if I could plan lunch and most breakfasts ahead then I was spared a lot of frustration. I can't stand being in the middle of work knowing I need to eat something before the blood sugar levels get to me and having no idea what I can eat. Same goes for dinner. Plus it helps to keep me on track with eating so that I'm not randomly grabbing things. From a healthy standpoint this is key for me.

    You make me want to start a forum where we can share our weekly meal plan and the grocery list.
  • I think that would be a fabulous idea. We can do it right here in Busy Chef.

    And I am working on something for down the road -- a place on WIM where we can do this in a more structured way
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  • I would looove if you could get it to defrost and prep the food too, I'm all over it.

    I try to plan 3 dinners, each with leftovers, each week. We're all meat eaters, so I'll do typically a chicken/turkey dish, a pork dish and a beef dish. I also keep 2 quick and easies..frozen meatballs/canned tomato sauce, frozen tortellini, makings for tacos kind of things.

    On the weekend, I make my lunch meal for the week (this week features 'Clean out the vegetable bin' soup.
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  • I used to do weekly menus, that is until my father in law moved in. See, he's Greek and in Greece, Greek men cook. And I must admit, he cooks very well and his Feta and Shrimp dishes are wonderful to come home to especially since I'm not cooking it.

    But, I digress.

    While doing weekly dinner planning, I found some great resources. Can I link them here?
  • Tattooed Mommie, please do!!!
  • Yes, share them! I also just started a post for the menu list.
  • I just plan dinners.

    Since I work outside the home I just bring leftovers or a frozen meal (which I know are horrible for me) or go out to eat for lunch. My daughter either gets soup, or a sandwich or whatever the school is serving. And my husband is left to fend for himself.

    We're lazy morning people so breakfast is always cereal, oatmeal or yogurt with toast. Occasionally I buy frozen breakfast things (waffles, toaster strudel, etc) and we'll have that, but usually it is cereal for us.
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  • I currently plan dinners about two weeks out, but I'd really love some ideas for different things to do for lunch. I'm at home during the day with my three year old son and another 3yr old boy that I babysit and I'm running low on ideas of what to feed them. Plus it makes it so much easier to shop when there's a menu.
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  • Ok, here are the resources that (when I do actually plan) make my planning super-way-rad-a-licious easy!

    Organized Home Menu itchenPlanner Print Out

    Menus 4 Moms

    Also, in addition to this, I have 2 Rachel Ray 30-minute meal cook books + 1 slow cooker book which usually keeps the variety flowing!

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