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Tips for menu planning

  • olive martini! i am so with you! hmm maybe if i plan and purchase hubby will actually cook? he isnt greek like tattooed mommie's FIL but he DOES get home first - adn that way he and the boy will eat soemthing other than chicken nuggets for dinner!

    oh i am kind of excited now
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  • I like to share the piece of advice that I read once. It said that most home cooks have on average 21 meals that they prepare regularly. Once you figure out what those 21 meals are and write them down, you will now be able to rotate easily. I, myself, plan my meals for an entire pay period. I do big grocery shopping every 2 weeks with a stop for fruit, milk, bread, eggs, and maybe a couple of other items at the halfway point. I have a grocery budget and I find that when I lessen the number of trips to the store then I spend way less money. So, I wondered if it would be alright to offer here a page that I use. If you are interested in your own 21 Meals page, then just click here. I hope you enjoy it!
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  • Jen, I bow down to you. You are probably the most organized woman I know, and I don't even really know you yet! Thanks HUGELY for this list. So simple, yet so important. I know your Listplanit site is littered with things like these.
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  • I usually plan just dinners for the week. One key thing I look at is the schedule for that day and make sure I plan something super easy and fast when time is tight, saving the experiments and multi-step meals for a slow night or a weekend. I am not organized enough to plan for the month! Sometimes events come up with much less than a month's notice, so I could see how that might throw me off. Love the 21 meal idea! :)Thanks for sharing the list.
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  • There's a great blog called "I'm an Organizing Junkie" that hosts a Menu Plan meme every Monday. She has lots of participants, so it's real easy to browse through and see all kinds of different menus for the week.

    Some have complicated recipes and some are simple; some give lots of details and others give only a little. Once you find someone's "cooking style" that you like, you can follow their blog. You can see this week's or head over to my site and click on my "Menu Plan Monday" link for lots of simple, easy meal ideas for lunch AND supper (I even throw in a bonus breakfast menu every now and then
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  • Wow, all great resources, Ladies. Thanks so much!
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  • I plan for a month at a pop - it makes it easier grocery shopping since I do my bulk shopping once a month. I think I figured it out once and I repeat the menu every 6-8 weeks, although there are a few favorites that are repeated every couple of weeks
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  • I get paid once a month so I plan dinners for a month. I can't plan a weekly menu it depends on my mood if I am busy or not or if anyone is home.
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  • I plan weekly because I shop for groceries on Saturdays. Besides, here in India, we use virtually NO canned food and very little frozen food (limited to non-vegetarian). Our diet is predominantly vegetarian and therefore depends on fresh produce. So I have no option but to make sure that I plan in advance. And yes, I actually use a template for the 14 meals (breakfast is something I throw together every morning) because then I can pencil in a recipe whenever I have an idea. And I make sure I get all my ingredients on Saturday morning. Otherwise, I'd be dead (not to mention starving!)
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  • We plan only dinners for the whole week. Lunch is usually a couple or so things and so is breakfast. Dinner varies, so it only makes sense to plan dinners.
    Here's a tip: Use a crockpot! Make a lot and freeze it for when you have a very busy day. Great time to thaw it out and use that for a meal rather than take out or something less healthy.:up:
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