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Help! My domain names have been hijacked!

  • I´m in a lot of trouble. I discovered by accident that two of my domain names have been hacked by some 19 year old. I talked to my hosting service, they can´t find anything wrong, so I decided to check into my domain registrar, GoDaddy and couldn´t get into the account. So I applied for a new password, but it was sent to an email that I don´t have! So then I checked the WhoIs and SOMEONE else has taken over my account!

    I´m desperate to fix this! I have all my online businesses there and this guy has control of all of them. So far my main blogs are ok, I think he was trying not to draw my attention, but now that the password reissue has been sent to him, he´ll know I know and I am worried he´ll destroy everything. Can anyone help me? Please?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 27th January 2008
  • Oh, wow, that's horrible, sorry it's happening to you.

    Can you get in touch with GoDaddy and explain the situation, have them give you your password so you can at least protect your other accounts? (They should be able to tie your account to the credit card you used to pay for the domain, right?)
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  • OMG, I use GoDaddy, too, for 7 different domain names. How scary. As Nataly said, contact them and speak with them directly. They have to be able to resolve this. PLEASE let us know what happens, even as it's happening. Good luck getting it all back. Now go call them!
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  • I can´t call them as I´m in Guatemala and don´t have a phone. My cell has no minutes on it. I did write them an email, but they haven´t gotten back to me yet. I´m going nuts! The more I read about this stuff, the more obvious it is that most people don´t get their domains back and after all the work I put into them, I´m getting really depressed.

    If GoDaddy hasn´t responded by tomorrow, I´m going to town to call them. But apparently lots of people have had issues with this and GoDaddy wouldn´t help them. You have to sue through ICANN, which is very costly, as you can imagine. I don´t know what to do. :_(
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 27th January 2008
  • Can you give someone like a family member in the sates the information to the account and have them call for you - if you can't make into to town before tomorrow.
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  • This whole hijacking domains is news to me...that is very scary considering I have over a 130 domains with godaddy. I didn't even know it was possible to do. When you find out what they say, please share with us. I worked with a and he was really helpful to me. You may just want to try to write to him and see what he can do. Good luck.
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  • I just realized I haven´t updated you guys! Sorry!

    I ended up getting the hacker´s email off WHOIS and wrote him a nasty letter threatening him with a lawsuit . . . which was total BS, but anyway. He wrote back, gave me my account info and cancelled his email. So I had my account back.

    BUT, I had reported the WHOIS info as being incorrect in an attempt to get GODaddy to take a look at the situation. So they took like a week to do anything and then came back and cancelled my domains on me, saying that my information had been reported as incorrect. I tried to talk to them repeated and finally recovered my domains, not by working it out but by changing the information on my account to completely false addresses, since they wouldn´t accept my real one. :S This is after a WEEK of having my blogs down because of their mistake, nearly 100 emails back and forth and several phone calls!

    Since then, I´ve been moving my domains over to NameCheap.
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