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At what age are 'social classes' acceptable?

  • I just spent an hour in Mommy hell! Am I a bad mom?

    Scenario: jr gets invited to a birthday party of a classmate, you know the child but only know the mom by site at a couple of school functions. What little you do know is there are3-5 kids, multiple fathers, no husbands and doesn't appear to be any employment in the picture.

    Question: Do you let jr go to the party?

    If no - why?

    If yes - under what conditions, if any?

    I will share my story as to my decision and outcome - but I really want to hear from YOU
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pammy on 28th January 2008
  • I'd let him go if he wants to and if he's a friend of this classmate, but I'd stay the whole time, and I wouldn't feel bad about leaving early if the event was chaotic or if my kid seemed not to be having a good time...

    I'm so curious... what did you do?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 28th January 2008
  • I agree with Lyla. I would stay the whole time and be as polite as possible, but would not feel bad if we had to leave early.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by babs on 28th January 2008
  • Social classes are NEVER ACCEPTABLE.

    OK, now that I got the political correctness out of my system I should say that this is certainly a tough one. My best g.f. in the entire world came from a home similar, not exactly but similar, to what you describe and they were the greatest people in the world. My parents never had an issue with my staying over at either of her parent's homes or with her being at our house a lot. They treated me like one of their own (they still do). We both came from little money, though, so there wasn't a social class stretch.

    I echo Lylah on this one.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 29th January 2008
  • Yes I did let him go but OH MY!

    I have decided to try my hand at writing the whole experience into an article - way too wordy for a post
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pammy on 30th January 2008
  • OKAY - my article has been posted - so if you want the WHOEL story check it out. An Hour in Mommy Hell
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pammy on 30th January 2008

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