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I DO love my husband

  • Okay, I have to step in and vent.....I really do love my dh...but the boy has been sick TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW now! Not fever, comotose in bed sick, but belly ache, sniffles, cough, on the couch playing video games or vegging in front of the TV sick.

    The first weekend I took the kids to my sisters to give him time to get better. But, by last weekend I was about ready to smack him upside the head! Don't get me wrong, he's a really sweet, loving, hands on daddy, but it this was so sad and just pathetic I quickly lost my sense of compassion for it all. I mean, when I'm sick I don't get time to veg on the couch. I actually am sick with what he had last weekend, but here I am, at work because I can't chance not going if one of the kids are sick and can't go to daycare!

    Okay, done venting....just needed to get that little one out of my system. From now on I promise to write loving tributes to my dh.
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  • Ha ha. I hear you! I, too, love my hubby but he is the BIGGEST baby when he is sick, and just shuts down/veges on the cough. It's ANOTHER story for me, though. I recently had wisdom teeth removed and was expected (by him) to watch the Baby, clean the house, and participate in family errands?! When I was in so much pain post-op that I was willing to drive the 45 minutes to the hospital to be seen by the maxillofacial surgeon, he whined about the gas/money expended to drive there and asked me to just keep taking motrin. !? Aahh. That felt better. I feel like I can write those tributes now, too.
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  • Men can't handle pain. Look what we go through...the monthly visits from the queen P....and then we get to get prego...then we get to deliver the babies..naturally or the grand C-section(I had 2 myself).


    My first pregnancy -Bed rest for 3 weeks due to premature labor, then he was late 2 weeks, I was induced, labor 17 hrs, couldn't reach the epidural guy, baby was a failed vacuum, husband saying"push honey..holding knees up...I am like !(#@(*#()!*$*(@!&$*@(&$,caught a fever, emergency C-Section.

    8 hrs later baby rushed to NICU.. seemed like it was never going to end. My boy is awesome today)

    1 month later....

    Hubby needs knee surgery

    Acted as if he was run over by a truck, living with terminal illness and is upset because I had minimal sympathy.

    "Honey - I just had knee surgery can you be a little more sympathetic?"

    "Yeah - o.k. when you deliver a human than we can talk"

    I know I am not the only one to deliver and we've all been there so you get my story.

    THEY CAN't handle pain all that well.
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  • momof2lovelies: couldn't reach the epidural guy? Geesh. I hope that s/he was rreeaaalllyyy busy putting in other epidurals because I'd be pissed.

    Interestingly, there is a tie-in to my wisdom teeth. My sister delivered 3 kiddos without an epidural. (Her last kiddo was over 10 lbs.) When I learned that I needed my wisdom teeth removed, and I called her because I am also breastfeeding and really wasn't interested in pumping/dumping. I asked what she did after her removal, and while she was BFing her last kiddo. Apparently, she just got local injections for her 4 teeth removal and con't BFing. It seemed like a reasonalbe idea until my hubby provided an reality check: she delivered naturally and I asked them to call the anesthesiologist 5 MINS after I got admitted. Ha ha.
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  • Yes - I was REALLLLLY pissed. I made no excuses for my potty mouth. My husband and mother couldn't believe how long it took him to get to me. The good thing is that I eventually got it.

    Your sister is a saint.

    Hope you are feeling better.
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  • Please excuse my laughter, and I mean absolutely NO disrespect, but your stories are hilarious. I have to say that my experience with dh are different in that he absolutely REFUSES to stay home when sick or go to the doctor. I swear, I think it's a macho thing, only that my husband doesn't pull the macho act on anything but this. I swear, it's like pulling teeth to get him to stay home and recuperate. He could be puking his guts out and he'd STILL go to the store (he's a retail manager). I can quite literally count on 1 hand the # of sick days he's taken in 28 years. Not that he shouldn't have, but that he absolutely won't. I keep telling him it's NOT healthy for him to be with customers if he's that sick, but NOOOOOOOOOO, he goes in anyway.

    I don't know which is worse - one that can't handle the pain, or one that I'm gonna bury cause he's too stubborn for his own good.
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  • JDaffron: I have new appreciation for "like pulling teeth." Ha ha. My dad is like that. Missed 1 or 2 days of work in 25+ years. But, this is a guy who is really strong and isn't phased by much.
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  • Quoting: AChu
    have new appreciation for "like pulling teeth." Ha ha. My dad is like that. Missed 1 or 2 days of work in 25+ years. But, this is a guy who is really strong and isn't phased by much.


    But there's a difference between being strong and being stubborn, imho. There's been recent studies that's come out about how people SHOULD stay home when they're sick instead of going in and infecting everyone else. In my office yesterday, I've got my boss who has came in late because of 2 sick kids (he pulls am duty and his wife does the pm duty), another attorney who was coughing his head off and looked like death warmed over (his problem is that he's the atty on call during the Assembly session), another program director went out sick the day before after coming in. Another attorney was out the week before after his kids infected him. Thank God we're spread out in our section of the building. I'd hate to think what it'd be like if we were practically on top of each other.

    I think dh is getting a little more amenable in his "old age"... He will come home "early" if it gets too bad, but my thing is, he shouldn't have been there in the 1st place. I learned a LONG time ago that no job is worth screwing your health over for.
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  • My husband is the same way. He's the manager of a meat department at our local grocery store. Lemme tell ya a lil' sumthin' 'bout stubborn.......About 2yrs ago, he actually cut the tip of his thumb off while working (don't worry, they did throw the rest of the meat away After being taken to the emeregncy room and having the tip of his thumb SEWN BACK ON (EEEWWW) he actually went BACK TO WORK for the rest of the afternoon! Of course I had to deal with him @ home when the painkillers wore off and I don't think I've ever seen him more pitifull in my entire life. But of course, he went back the next morning, and the next, and the next. He just saved all of his misery for me to deal with. And then if he gets a cold or a stomach bug or something I have to pamper him more than my 6yo.
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  • Quoting: jacksonsmom
    And then if he gets a cold or a stomach bug or something I have to pamper him more than my 6yo.

    Oh, and God forgive us if WE get sick and need something.
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