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February 2nd Boston Meet Up Checklist

  • OK gals, the time is upon us. Go down this checklist and see if you've accomplished it all:

    1) Please RSVP right here so we know who's really coming.

    2) You'll need directions so email our DOYEN nataly @ to get them.

    3) Need a ride? Can you offer a ride? Post it here as well so we can see about getting you where we want you to be.

    4) If you haven't done so you can check out what people are bringing to chow on and add to the list (if you want, no pressure!!) here:

    Gosh, I feel like I'm trying to Get Out The Vote!
  • Mandy for president! Hooooha!

    Umm, that means I'm RSVPing "Yes," by the way.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on Wednesday
  • I'm in and have my directions!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by klg on Thursday
  • I am in! And I will get directions from Nataly.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SK on Thursday
  • Woohooo. OK, I'm coming from Worcester, straight down the pike to 95. Does anyone need a lift?
  • Sorry, I won't be able to make it! Maybe next time?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Miguelina on Thursday
  • oh girls.. I want to come so bad..

    But I dont think any of you want this upper respiratory infection that my whole family has so I'm going to have to spare you from my sickness.

    Maybe we can do something again when cold and flu season is over.. when it is warm! I long for those days.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Liz P-W on Thursday
  • I'm in and so is my pneumonia...not contageous, just kinda daunting! But I still would like a ride if anyone is going from either Needham or West Rox or south newton/brookline area.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Margalit on Thursday
  • margalit- let's people will call yours. Sorry to hear that you other gals can't make it! But I'm sure we'll have something else in a few months. Just 'cause.
  • I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass this one up. I've got a husband with a crazy traveling schedule and it would be really crummy of me to pass him our kid as he's walking in the door after a six hour flight.

    Another time!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tania on Thursday

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