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Going back to work? Changing careers? Did you turn to friends and family for advice?

  • Any career shift is daunting and, for many of us, more than a little bit scary! Did you suck it up and work out a strategy all on your own? Or did you turn to friends and family for advice and support? Were they any help?
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  • I worked with a career coach when I changed careers and would highly recommend that approach to anyone. It's great to have friends and family for support but there is often an emotional attachment with them because of how it affects them (change in pay, benefits, hours, etc).
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  • I was referred to my current employement by a co-worker at the time. She suggested I try it and was a great opportunity. & Now I am venturing out on my own, pretty much my idea and I really did not ask to many people..
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  • Hi all--I'm a new member here and I'm eager for some idea about career change. I've been a teacher of English in China for 14 years, right from the first day out of college till now. Now i'm moving to Seattle with my family--husband and a 10-year-old girl. What can I expect there? Some friends say maybe I should just stay at home to take care of the household, but I know I need a job. It's not quite a matter of money, but a need to wrok. I've get so used to it. At the same time, I have the household in my care. My problem is that I don't know where to start. I have no training other than being a teacher of English, which doesn't seem quite useful now since I'm in a country full of native speakers of English. That's why I think I need to think of sometihng new. Can anybody here share some insights or any hint? Thank you so much! (I'm Chinese and I'm a very good teacher in China)
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