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Thanks for a GREAT get together on Saturday!

  • It was great to meet, chat, eat and drink with you ladies on Saturday night! Thanks again, Nataly, for hosting and Mandy for organizing.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SK on 4th February 2008
  • I was just going to post this -- you beat me to it! It was so great to meet everyone -- we'll have to do another get together when it's warmer and less germs are flying around to make some people sick.

    Mandy was kind enough to post some photos on Flickr: 603843829666

    and I just posted this: -unite-they-rock-so-why-dont-we-support-each-other -more-often/

    Because you guys rock!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 4th February 2008
  • It was a fantastic get-together. It will be great to do it again. And for those of you ladies who missed out, whether due to sickness or location, you didn't miss out on a ton. It's not like we talked about all of you behind your backs ;).

    Nataly, it's safe to say YOU ROCK for bringing this community together in the first place then opening your home to us.

    Oh, and because of our great get-together, I'm emerging from the blogger closet and have admitted to the fact that I have a wee bloggy of my own. You'll have to check out my profile to find the link, though. You gals inspired me to just go for it.

    I'm already dreaming of our next big get-together!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 4th February 2008
  • I am, too! Let's not wait too long... otherwise, I will go into Mandy-induced-buttercream-frosting withdrawal. Seriously.

    Nataly, thank you for hosting! It was great to finally meet in person some of the people I admire from Work It, Mom!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 4th February 2008
  • Hey there!

    Checked out the pictures and they were really nice. Love the muscle shot!
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  • I had an amazing time. I have finally found the moms I knew existed but couldn't find at the playground or at work. Maybe it was the support, maybe the wine, but I couldn't stop talking about Saturday night. I was and still am inspired by all of you.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by klg on 5th February 2008
  • I had a great time, too. I was so impressed to meet so many smart funny women in one space. It really made me happy to know that there are such cool people right in my own back yard.

    And speaking of that, next big storm, we'll have to have a sledding party at my house. I've got the hill, the bathrooms, and heat. I've even got a few sleds. You bring the kids.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Margalit on 5th February 2008
  • LOVE the photos, guys! Wish I could've been there. Boo hoo
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th February 2008
  • Sledding party, I am in!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 6th February 2008

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