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Favorite free spot to take the kids?

  • do you have a favorite place to take the little ones on the weekends that is FREE!? i know we have lots of free stuff going on in DC but what about VA and MD?
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  • Do you have Lowe's or Home Depots there? We do the free building workshops with the kids. Lowes are twice a month on Saturdays and Home Depots are once... I think! They are fun... free... and a great way to kill an hour or two. The kids LOVE bringing home something they built! At Lowes, they received an apron at our first visit... each projects earns a patch that I sew on. Great fun.
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  • The park, but sometimes not just straight to the playground, I will take them an unusual way to get there or we'll explore a back way through a dry creek bed or something fun like that where we can look for fossils. We'll come up through the creek and they see the park and realize we just went a different way.

    My kids also like the Barnes and Noble story times and the library.
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  • Hahaha...reminds me of the time during one long, cold winter that in desperation I took my boys to a nearby, upscale grocery store on a Friday when they give out lots and lots of free food samples. We spent about 2 hours there, and had a blast! We tasted all kinds of food, bought all kinds of food I would NEVER usually buy, and we all left happy. I'm sure THE STORE didn't enjoy it half as much as we did, but who cares.

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