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  • A place where we all can share and discuss how chronic illness affects our daily lives and work! I'll start off with a request for introductions. Please introduce yourself and explain a little about the illness you're dealing with.
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  • Hi there Debra!

    I don't actually deal with the disease myself. My mother-in-law has it and she has struggled pretty heavily with this in the past. So much so that her husband had to help her out of the tub a few times. I can't imagine the pain that you all go through.

    She has found a nutritionist that has helped her to detox her body. She is on a diet now where she can only eat certain foods. She really has to watch the hormones and things like that that she's putting in her body.

    I have actually introduced her to some cleaning products as well that do not contain harmful chemicals and ingredients. She said she loves them because she doesn't get so tired when she cleans!

    For info on chemicals that could be affecting your condition, you can go to my site:

    I would love to show you my company and try to help you as best I know how!
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