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Violent movies!

  • I like thriller and suspense too, but I can do without gratuitous gore...LOL!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uhura on 25th February 2008
  • I don't mind violent movies, but I wasn't interested in watching apocalypto
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryM on 4th March 2008
  • Just thinking about violent movies.... Do you think between those and the violent video games and the new we've beccome a people desensitized by all the violence it no long shocks us?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Jane on 10th March 2008
  • I to o think that movies about violation are not suppose to be that much thriller as other adventure movies we watch. The best experience I had shared till now is with some great adventure movies like Indiana Jones. So at the end I would favor to watch movies online but only good comedy and physiological thriller like Black Swan.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by curl on 16th May 2011

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