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Freakin a little

  • Hello -

    I need to be more fit dammit and I need help. I am not disciplined enough to motivate myself. I am incredibly poor at taking care of myself and putting myself in front of others.

    Freaking out a little...turning 40 in 5 months. Need to kick it in gear. I want to be fabu at 40 not frumpy. I need to walk to talk now. I am tired of saying I don't have the time. I am a big believer in people make time for what they "want" to make time for and I want this.

    Does this group share meal advice? Is there a weekly check in where we can share what we did to improve ourselves during the week?
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  • I haven't seen meal advice as a subject here but I think it sounds like a GREAT subject! I'm terrible at making healthy food choices. I always, always, always go for what is easy. I'm trying to eat more salads with my meals as well as fruit.

    Wonder if anyone else has any suggestions for eating healthy AND convenient foods?
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  • Hi there!

    I would LOVE to hear of some healthy, yet quick and easy meals (that kids like!!). I am also nearing that big 40 and am still trying to shed baby weight...its the last 10 pounds that I just cannot seem to kick!

    I did find that by just cutting out ANY "in between" meal snacks helped me a lot...but then I hit another I have to try harder again...yuck!

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  • I have the weight watchers recipe books.

    I looked at - anyone try this?

    I have 30 pds to kick.

    This monring - a hard boiled egg and 1/2 banana 2 1/2 cups of coffee.

    Lunch - hmm. chicken I guess.

    Dinner - hmmm I'll let you know.
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  • I just set up two spots here to help us start tracking ourselves with other's incouragement:
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  • mandy you are so good and on the ball! awesome!! this is great! i am lookign forward to some of these recipees and easy food ideas too!!

    one of my favorite easy/healthy 'meals' - cereal. yup. one with OUT high fructose corn syrup (yes there are some that exist that actually taste good! - try kashi) and skim milk. yum!!
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  • We LOVE Kashi too - it does taste good.
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