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  • How soon after having your first child did you start considering having another child?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 18th February 2008
  • I couldn't even think about it for that first year... but then, my first child is technically our family's fourth child. The kids already outnumbered the adults!

    My husband and my ages were factors. The ages of our older kids was a factor, too. So we decided that we'd try to space them about two years apart...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 18th February 2008
  • Our two children are three years apart which is about the age span that we had decided on. And, while we talked about a 2nd child even during the first year after our son was born, I couldn't even seriously consider it or do more than just refer to "someday" until he was about a year and a half. I was just too overwhelmed with the first child, working full time, etc. At that point, we did get pretty serious about it due to the fact I was quickly approaching 40 and just didn't want to be pregnant any older than that.

    I think if I had been younger we might have gone with a 4 year age difference. However, the three year age difference is really working well for us and I'm glad that's the way we decided to go.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mel on 18th February 2008
  • My daughter was about 18 months old when I started having "baby fever" really bad. But we were planning on moving across country and starting our great graduate school adventure. And I'd count on my fingers and hit 9 months right about when we were scheduled to move. There was no way I was going to intentionally move while pregnant so we held off. And I haven't had baby fever that bad since.

    Now Pidge is 5, and an only child, and my clock is ticking and I wonder about another baby. And wouldn't you know it, we're about 8 months from a major move!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenns on 18th February 2008
  • My daughter is 16months old and I can't even contemplate another right now!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 20th February 2008
  • My son was 2 before I even considered it a possibility. Now he's 27 months and we're trying! Man- when I flip, I flip fast!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heels on 20th February 2008
  • Within weeks! When I got to the 6 month checkup and doc asked me if I was still going to try within the first year I said yes and I want to start trying when the newborn is 9 months. My girls are 18 months apart. We thought we'd go for #3 in the same time frame but as soon as we brought her home we knew we were done.

    I love having them so close in age and they are great together. For us this works out wonderfully. I know that all of these phases are happening so closely and there is a great relief in that for me.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 20th February 2008
  • I chose 3 years apart for my three children and I love it. There is enough space that they could help each other out, but they also are close enough to play and enjoy each other. I've also heard lots of parents speak highly of having them very close together: that they get along and you get the stages done at the same time.

    For me, I def. knew when I was and wasn't ready for round two and three. If you know you're not ready and you don't have any major reasons to rush give yourself a little more time. If you really want another child and it must be soon--go for it! You might be just as scared, fearful as the very first pregnancy if you're not quite ready, but I found those fears dissappeared once baby #2 arrived.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 22nd February 2008

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