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Recommendations for a good restaurant in the Boston area that is NOT a fast food chain.

  • We tend to always to go fast food chains when we take our 3 year old out to eat. Any recommendations of good restaurants with a nice menu in the Boston area that welcomes young-aged children but is not a fast food chain?
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  • We used to take our kids to The Village Smokehouse in brookline (

    Here are link to list of restaurants that are supposed to be kid-friendly: .jsp?area=194&category=22

    Good luck!
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  • Full Moon on Huron Ave in Cambridge. They are great for brunch, too, or at least used to be. It's been a long time since I've been there. They cater to the kiddo crowd, though.

    Blue Ribbon in Newton and, I think, Arlington. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    Red Bones

    Yenching in Harvard Sq. I've been there way too many counts and with lots of kids and have always felt comfortable.

    There are two Thai restaurants in Watertown that are pretty friendly, too. I know I have more in my head so if I remember I'll put them down!
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  • I will try Full Moon in Cambridge...Cambridge is right next door to me.

    Thank you!
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  • I totally forgot about Full Moon -- great choice!

    If you're near Inman Square, the S&S Deli is great kid-wise. Not exactly a gourmet choice, but the food is good, their brunches are great, and their desserts are enormous (and yummy). If you go for brunch, get there early and bring cash (they don't take credit cards).

    Redbones in Somerville (Davis Square) is awesome for kids, too. Loud, but awesome.

    Just remembered that my big kids used to love Pho Pasteur in Allston when they were small, but I haven't been there in ages, so I don't know if they're as kid friendly now as they used to be. But they used to let little kids gawk at the huge fish tanks in the side dining room, and that was always a highlight.
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  • How about Fire & Ice in Cambridge? It could be nice entertainment for your little one. Plus a place where you're not just allowed to get up and walk around, but are encouraged to do so is just a dream come true for a preschooler.
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  • Great ideas!

    Once we can dig out of this snow, we are on our way....
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