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Organic Baby food, make your own, something else?

  • What do/did you do about baby food? We were given nearly a case of organic baby food shortly after my daughter was born, but most of it we won't be able to use for a few more months. I was wondering what you green moms knew about baby food, and what you do to be green in this way?
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  • Great question! Um, I have never bought much of the jarred baby food. She has a mixture of finger foods and mushy baby food, the latter I make myself. I try to use some organic ingredients in every concoction I produce, but it's never all organic just because the cost is too much.
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  • I bought lots of the baby food. It was before I started going green. I've heard that baby food is a modern invention and that you can start right off feeding them what you're eating. You can pick up a food mill pretty much anywhere to make the food you're serving mushy enough for the baby. And I'd use this opportunity to rationalize the purchase of a good stick blender if you don't already have one. I couldn't cook without mine!

    I did try making my own baby food but lost about 20 jars when the power went out. At that point I was over it. But look to canned foods like pumpkin, sweet potato, etc and freeze in small portions. I bet a muffin tin would be great here. Each muffin is about 1/4 cup. An ice cube is about 1 Tablespoon.

    Also check out Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron and Baby Let's Eat! by Rena Coyle.
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  • I have the super baby food book too and First meals.

    I made all of my daughters food and some of my sons.

    It is very easy, and cost effective..

    Just steam away, puree it and then freeze it.

    Sweet potatoem, SPinach, Potatoes and babies love a good mashed avocado.
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  • I made all of my babies' foods, but I did keep a few jars of pre-made stuff (Earth's Best and Gerber's organic line) in the pantry in case the power went out or for when we were traveling (it is a complete PITA to go on a long trip with a cooler full of rapidly defrosting nuggets of pureed stuff!).

    I'd usually steam the fruits and veggies first (better than boiling or washing away nutrients) and then puree it really well. If the puree was too thick, as it always was for sweet potato and the like, I'd thin it with anything from water to breast milk to a little watered-down fruit juice.

    A week's worth of purees would take me maybe 1/2 an hour to make, and that was mostly in the peeling and chopping. Not too hard at all. I'd freeze them in ice-cube trays... two cubes equals one ounce, I think.

    Once they started getting teeth, I'd give them small chunks of very ripe, very soft banana or avocado, overcooked pasta, and small cubes of cheese. Once they experimented with using them as hair products or projectiles, they'd eat them happily.
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  • I agree with Jenns. Mostly pureed baby food isn't necessary. I completely breast-fed for six months (but bottle feeding would do just as well!), and then introduced food in the form of finger foods. Breads that she could hold in her fist and gnaw till mushy, well-cooked, fork-mashed vegetables, well-ripe, mashed fruit. Carrots are a great finger food for little ones: cook them till soft, then cool. They can eat them cold or a room temperature. Meat cut very fine across the grain. The only truly "baby" food they got was the cereal, for the iron.

    I used organic as often as I could afford it, but I don't think I bought a jar of baby food, ever. It's a convenience, and I don't mean there's anything wrong with jars, just that you can do fine without if you want to.
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  • It's good to hear that you guys do just let them eat some of everything. That has been my first inclination. I want to let her dive in and experiment a bit (with a little guidance and such). Now I've got some great ideas for how to do that.
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  • Hi Moms

    I'm doing a piece on what Moms hate most about jarred baby food.

    Tell us what you hate most. Follow this link to post your comment:

    Or show us what you hate most. Follow this link to upload your video of what you hate about jarred baby food to our You Tube site:
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  • Here are several reasons why all moms should consider making their own baby food:
    1) Economical - do you know that jarred food costs up to $4 or 5 a pound?
    2) Environmental – how many jars or plastic containers does the average baby go through his/her first year?
    3) Tasteful – have you ever tasted baby food?
    4) Easy – no need for expensive food processors and other accessories; use your current kitchen tools
    5) You can do it, even if you’re a full-time mom and even if you’re not a trained chef

    To get started, read my post where I share my tips as a super busy mom who managed to make her own baby food for both of her kids. And today they eat every kind of food because of it!

    If you’re a mom who is making her own baby food, would you mind sharing your best tips with the other moms?

    Thank you!
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