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Your child's future career: what are your hopes?

  • Do you have hopes for your child/children's future career? Whether teens or younger kids, let us know. What field would you love for them to pursue? (Sciences? Government? Education? Health? Non-profit?) Do you encourage them in any particular direction? Do they seek out your advice? Do you try to keep out of it altogether because you're afraid you'll alienate your ornery teenager? Let's talk about it.
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  • i want him to be mega rich so he can buy mom and dad a nice house!

    KIDDING! really i just want him to be happy - i am completely up for encouraging anything he is interested in doing! i think having the freedom to try a few things when you are younger to help figure out what you want to do is GREAT! plus encouraging the bigger picture of day to day vs. life/career goals and affects of each on their life and others lives...

    i think part this comes from friends (and even my husband!) who are artists of some sort and have made a living at it even when they were told they wouldnt be able to when they were younger - sometimes you just gotta do what feeds your soul - the money to live will show up ;) sometimes sooner than later!
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  • I tell my kids to take chances with their careers. I tell them "dare to travel the world and take advantage of unique opportunities that intrigue, inspire and excite you."

    I also tell them to pursue a career that feeds off of their strengths, skills and interests. Don't choose a career because it is safe and easy. Choose it because it excites the hell out of you.
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  • Nicely said Kate! But I am not kidding...I want them to buy us a little cottage to retire in and I hope it's Hawaii LOL!

    Seriously, I agree with Kate. I want them to be happy too doing what they have a passion for and feeds the soul.
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  • Hmm. Good questions. I want my kids to have unlimited options and a true sense of themselves and what they want to do.

    My 10 year old is in both gifted and remedial programs, so I really have to emphasize to him that he IS smart and CAN do what he wants in life. He has good math & science ability and his dad’s superior mechanical ability, and a lot of creativity. He is also a comedian and an outdoors-lover. . .I would not be surprised if he wanted to be an actor or a ski bum for a while. Personally, I would not care if he deferred college a year or two to try those things. However, he will be off the payroll if that’s his choice!!! (I’m very set on that). The one exception, IF he turned out to have enough athletic talent to pursue a career as maybe a pro motocross rider, we would probably help him out. I don't see a problem with letting him think he can do that. If he's determined and practices enough, he could. Somebody can do it, why not my kids? (As a kid, and even now, I always thought the really cool careers were for "other people". I want my kids to dream a little!)

    I honestly don't want to push him in one particular direction. My only hope is that he breaks the mold and does something awesome. No pressure!

    Now, as for my 3 year old. . .I can't even imagine. He's pretty smart, but ornery as all get out. As long as he doesn't go to jail or blow up my house, I'll be happy!
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  • I really, really want my kids to know that there is a HUGE BIG world out there with ALL kinds of ways to make a living! They don't have to conform to the "norm" if they don't want to....they can live with passion and gusto! There is nothing wrong in doing something that people may frown upon, if its something that makes you happy!

    I just really want them to experience life in whatever they choose to do! Right now the world is their oyster

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  • I have NO IDEA what I want them to be -- except fulfilled, productive, and giving.

    My oldest finished her anthropology degree at university last spring, and within three weeks had enrolled in college to become a massage therapist! She was concerned that I would feel she'd wasted the previous four years and a whole lot of money. Nope. The time is her own. And the money? I contributed some, but mostly it was student loans, for which she's responsible.

    My attitude? You're 21, you have your whole life. This is your time to make choices, to explore, and this way you'll have two possible paths in life. I also know full well that it's likely not the last time she's going to make a career change in her life: I've had three of my own.

    I worry about the child I fear may just drift. My eldest's exploration is not drifting. She's actively trying options. But I worry about the one who looks like they may just not settle, not grow, not become actively in charge of their own life. But they're also only 18: lots of time to mature! I keep my motherly fingers crossed, and give such guidance/encouragement as I can.
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  • On the other hand, there is something to be said about pushing my boys to go the ivy league, big-city corporate lawyer or surgeon route. Life might be work, but when they make 5 times my salary, they can retire early, have a second fun career, marry a young wife, and have plenty of time for family then. . .
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  • Have to laugh. My kids are young and their ideas change every week. I about had a heart attack when my daughter told me she wanted to do a job that I knew would be dangerous and take her far away (can't remember what it was now). Then I remembered she was only seven and would forget about it the next day. Since then my kids have wanted to be rock stars, artists, nurses, etc.

    I do see very specific talents in each of them, and encourage them in those directions. Also encouraging good grades, and striving for the best is always essential no matter what they choose. I will also always be on the lookout for ways to share possibilities with them and finding ways to accomplish those goals (example: meeting an author that comes to town, talking to a doctor about their job, etc.)

    one thing I have discovered is life can truly suck if you pick a job for the wrong reason (money, status, someone else thought you should do it). Life will be so much better for your child if they love what they do and find a job that fits them.
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  • My daughter will be in college in the fall, and is going to pursue a career in nursing. I think this is a great move on her part. Nurses are in such high demand right now.

    I will add, that I dislike her current boyfriend, who seems to have no goals or direction, and I'm almost hoping she meets a nice doctor. Maybe a neurosurgeon or something...ha!

    Well, I'm kidding, but not entirely, lol.
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