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How many times a week do you cook?

  • LOL! For me, the question needs to be "How many times per YEAR do you cook?" The answer is two or three. Pathetic, I know!
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  • Hi All, I cook at least 4 times a week. I must admit most of the time I prefer my own cooking. I like to plan at least three days dinner in advance so that I know what groceries to purchase. I dont like left overs so I get just enough. I like to go out but I dont like to pay if the food is not good, I hate it if the food is cold or under cooked, even if the resturant manager offers to replace it my husband has finished his meal befor I get mine back. That defeats the object. We do however have a couple of favorite places that we go to dine.

    For those of you who find the whole thing a chore, Find dishes that are easy, Tasty and dont take hours to cook. Purchase the ingredients for two or three days in advance.

    When baby is asleep prepare veggies, marinate your met chicken or fish. If a salad prepare, cover and put in refrigerator. This makes the process less stresfull.
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  • I am one of the lucky ones, We are perminantly on the South Beach Diet, so my husband cooks 7 days a week. He usually grills our meats and throws a bag of Steamfresh veggies into the microwave. I do however, clean up the dishes afterwards.
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  • I cook 7 days a week as wel! :) I try to use the crockpot for some stuff which makes it easy.. throw in all the ingredients, no pots or pans to wash! Sunday is always pasta for the kids and some parmagiana or italian meal... I even make breakfast and serve a picky crowd so different meals are served!
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  • For a long time I would do a 'bulk cook' at the weekend and freeze meals, then it was a case of making some pasta or rice and/or doing some veg - loved that. It was so easy. Just lately I've been less organised so I 'cook' something from the ingredients in our fridge and pantry every night. However I have to admit...some nights it's just an omelette.
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  • Since I quit my job last year and started my own Home Business, I'm cooking 4-5 times a week a maybe 2-3 times I cook breakfast.

    My husband and daughter both work 3rd shift and I'm always up so.......why not?

    Carol K

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  • We eat out 2-3 times a month. The rest of the time I cook. And by cooking I mean that the food is coming out of my kitchen. Sometimes it's frozen pizza or taquitoes, or a salad, but I'm still doing the planning and the shopping and putting it together with sides and serving it up so it counts as cooking.

    Sometimes I love it. Other times not so much. When I love it, I try and stock up the freezer for the times I'd rather be doing something else. And some of the things I cook are what I call a "full cook," meaning a meal that takes time and effort. And other times I make scrambled eggs.
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  • I cook five nights a week, plan the meals on Sunday, shop on Monday, never divert from the set menu otherwise it's complete chaos and no one eats at all.

    I love to cook. But, dinner is very stressful lately with big work projects leaving me begging for time and a lack of energy making late nights impossible times to work.

    I dream of the day when everything shows up on the stove ready to eat
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  • Well, I cook none, because my husband does all the cooking. He cooks every day!
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  • Greetings! Cooking is one thing I love to do, but it's hard to find the time during the week. I do the majority of my cooking on Sunday, and then again on Wednesday. I do not cook on Fridays, and my kids are ok with that!

    If any of you have crockpot recipes you'd like to share I'd really appreciate it! I have a crockpot but haven't used it yet. Healthy homecooked meals that don't take too much time sound good to me!
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