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How many times a week do you cook?

  • I just started cooking 6-7 times a week. I use the crock pot about twice a week (love the recent recipes in Ordering Disorder - keep them coming). One thing that has helped me has been to make a weekly menu before I go shopping. I used to just show up at the grocery store and wander the aisles trying to figure out what to make.

    One thing I'm wondering about, is the whole leftover and freezing meals process. I'm very paranoid about the shelf life of leftovers. Anyone have any good tips on how long things are good for or how to make and freeze ahead of time?
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  • Can't say I love to cook but I do it about 2-3 times a week. We both work full time and have small children (7,2) who don't always eat the same things we do so there are always a variety of things being made on the fly at our house.
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  • i generally cook maybe once during the week and definitly on the weekends! If i can make it home early enough to cook i try to - otherwise hubby and DS fend for themselves. incentive enogh to get home early!! we also eat out way more than we should... just far too easy around here (and NO DISHES! oh how i hate dishes)
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  • We probably cook about 4-5 nights a week? Then get take out or go out to eat on the weekends. I do like to cook, but have been leaving it more to my husband lately since I usually have a 1 year old attached to my leg beggin for attention, which makes it difficult to do the prep work (especially with raw meat).

    I do like the idea of the slow cooker meals but my husband doesn't want to leave something like that on while we're not home or asleep, so I have to be home for 4-8 hours if I want to do anything in the crock pot. And at that rate it is usually quicker to just cook a non crock pot meal that only takes an hour.

    Anyone have suggestions for things to cook on the weekend to freeze for quick dinners during the week?
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  • I'd say I cook 4 to 5 times a week, often creating leftovers that get miraculously transformed into something else later in the week...

    Believe it or not, I still haven't gotten a crock pot!

    I made curries to freeze (just freeze the extra sauce, and use it to simmer meat and veggies another time), pulled pork, pot roasts, roast chicken (use the bones to make stock, use the stock to make rice) and keep easy-to-cook things like pasta and homemade sauce and italian sausages and thinly sliced pork chops on hand to whip up a meal in 20 minutes or so...
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  • Oh, how I love my food co-op! We call it Food Fairy (because food magically appears on the dinner table). How it works: there are three families, we each cook one day a week for everyone. The only rules -- no casseroles and no crustaceans (because my husband is allergic). I cook Mondays, one person cooks Tuesdays, and one Thursdays. We have 2, 3 and 4 kids, all about the same ages. I cook on my short or off day from work, and always have dinner on my long day. For one of the other women, it's the opposite -- she's a doctor, so she never cooks on her surgery day.

    If you can find a group of like-minded families, I HIGHLY recommend this! BUT, they must be people who not only eat, but parent like you. We all have a "your choices for dinner are take it or leave it" rule for our kids -- no picky eaters allowed!

    That leaves one night for leftovers, one night for pizza, and one or two nights to do something quick an easy.
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  • We have twins--19 month old girls. I used to cook these really elaborate meals before we had kids. Then I cooked regularly because I was home with the girls. When I went back to work, I stopped cooking entirely--my hour commute each way has much to do with that, plus the colicky stage... oh it was awful.

    My husband and I have mostly opposite schedules, and while the girls were not eating solids, a bowl of cereal for me was about all I could handle. I lost a ton of weight that way! LOL

    Now he cooks about once/week, and I cook only one night on the weekends. But again, my husband isn't home most nights, including weekend nights, so if anything, I'm all about the crockpot at the moment.

    I'm hoping it gets better as the girls get more independent and I can get back to enjoying making nice meals. I really enjoy cooking, and it has been one of the things I've had to lower expectations on.
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  • I love to cook, I just dont take/make the time to have the ingredients available. My daughter has been making most of our dinners lately. SHe is so close to being completed in her associates degree as a Pastry chef, she can hardly stand it.

    She makes The best classic meals, Meatloaf, casseroles, Pastas I believe are her favorites
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  • I plan my meals for 2 weeks. I don't always eat what is on the menu for that night. I might rearrange a little, but either way, there is always a plan for dinner. I've always thought that that is the hardest part of cooking - figuring out what is for dinner! I don't love cooking, but I do love to eat and NOTHING stands in the way of me getting something good for dinner by 5:30 at night! Of course, I like the idea that my family is eating well, too
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  • I menu plan every sunday night - it's the best concentration I have or get all week - KNowing that I'm saving money by shopping smartly the ads PLUS coupons gives me real joy - Awesome time I have - RULE: MONDAYS are always sunday leftovers - just happens! Fridays: smodge/podge of serious carbs - no veggies. ha ha ha

    Farmers market trip on Sat. mornings with the kids is awesome and amazing -

    Cheaper than grocery store produce -

    COOKING is my fave and I just love it when I get the feedback from my kids and hubby:

    "This is SOOOOOOOOOO good!"
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